Transcript of Custodian's log page 3

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I've never had the pleasure of incarcerating a projected demon form before. This will be tricky - at any moment it could opt to destroy its physical manifestation and allow its demonic soul to escape to the Heart of Pandemonium. A week ago, that wouldn't have been an issue, for the legion Dukes could have invoked a clause in their contracts to have them held, returned or destroyed as was seen fit, but demonic contracts are tricky things, and the loss of Lord Zaros will have voided many of them, no doubt.

No, this one shall remain in my custody, even if I have to break some of our own rules for how prisoners are treated. Trog brought this on himself, the traitorous hound.

Pater Dis... That is, to say, Father Lucius... I more than suspect he might have some idea of how to handle this situation. He forgets how perceptive us vampyres can be. I've seen his subtle tells and I've seen the small phylacteries some of the recently arrived praetorians are carrying - the thing they refer to as 'diabolus' - and I have sensed what they contain...

Not that I'll let on any of this, of course, only that I require his assistance to incarcerate a demon soul. Cultists are dangerous people to deal with at the best of times, but those wishing to keep that knowledge secret are doubly so.

-Custodian Stepan Jovkai