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Venator armour is a set of unreleased Ranged armour, comprised of Zarosian artefacts, which would have been uncovered at the Kharid-et Dig Site as part of the Archaeology skill. It is not currently known if the armour will ever be released.

Venator armour would have been worn by Venators, a Zarosian military unit which often acted as hunters, spies and scouts.[1] As they needed to travel light, their standard issue arms included daggers and crossbows. They commonly employed hit-and-run tactics on their enemies.[2]

The remains of several Venators can be outside the entrance of Kharid-et; where the player is able to excavate the aforementioned daggers and crossbows of long deceased Venators.

At present the Venator armour set can not be found in-game but it has been discovered within the cache and has been confirmed to exist by Mod Rowley. That being said, two 'Venator' weapons can be obtained through the Archaeology skill, though the player is unable to equip them at present. This is similar to other partially, or completely, unreleased equipment sets from the Archaeology skill, such as the Legionary, Praetorian, Pontifex, Icyene and Priest of Ikov armours.

Following the launch of Archaeology, Jagex ran a livestream showcasing scenes from the development of Archaeology. Mod Ryan discussed a number of screenshots from the Heriditas Vault Archaeology demo, one of which contained the names of several pieces of unreleased armour, including the Venator armour set. [3]

The known pieces of the Venator equipment set are as follows, albeit some of these names may have changed throughout the development process:

  • Venator coif
  • Venator body
  • Venator chaps
  • Venator vambraces
  • Venator sandals
  • Venator light crossbow
  • Venator dagger

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Venator is the Latin word for "Hunter".

References[edit | edit source]

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