Ice demon (Ritual of the Mahjarrat)

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This is about the ice demons that appear in the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest. See Ice demon for the one that appears in The Temple at Senntisten quest.

Ice demons are monsters summoned by Lucien during Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Lucien summons twenty of these monsters at once, but only two need to be defeated to progress in the quest.

The ice demons attack using both Magic and Ranged. The magic attack seems to be used most often and seems to be more accurate than the ranged attack, so players are advised to use Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic.

The demons also cast 'icicle' attacks that cause no damage in themselves but partially block the player's movement. Two icicle attacks on the same position will completely block the player's movement. This is dangerous, as during the battle the player must constantly be dodging Lucien's magic attacks, which otherwise will cause heavy damage. It is recommended that the player move away from the icicles each time they are cast. If the player does become trapped by icicles, attacking the icicles can break them and open a clear path. However, it appears that most if not all ranged weapons take too long to break open a path, so a melee weapon (and, likely, using crush) or magic seems best.

Ice demons have quite high defences, so the player may need Prayer potions if the battle is prolonged.

The battle with the demons.

  The demons have no particular weakness, thus for meleers, it is suggested to use the best weapon available to them.

For rangers, Ruby bolts(e) can be very good choice, Ice demons have very high Constitution and you can easily hit 2000 and more with its special effect (3000 possible while it's at full health).

Combat Summoning familiars are not effective against these ice demons. A Beast of Burden familiar can be useful, as it can carry extra food or healing potions. Healing familiars such as a Unicorn Stallion or Fire/Ice/Moss Titans could be useful for the fight, or if a lower level beast of burden runs out of extra supplies.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • These ice demons are more powerful than the ice demon that appeared in The Temple at Senntisten quest. All forms have the same appearance.
  • Ice demons are immune to deflect damage, making protect magic and deflect magic equal in strength against them.