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Razulei is a twelve-armed demon and an expert tailor from the Infernal Dimensions who aided Zamorak by creating the Robes of subjugation. Following Zamorak's overthrowing of Zaros, Zamorak, seeing many of his followers considering to betray him inevitably, visited Razulei and requested powerful robes, but imbued with cruelty. This resulted in the robes of subjugation, which Zamorak ordered his mages to use. The mages drew power from the robes, but due to their lack of loyalty, were eventually killed by the robes' power in their desperate attempt to quell it. Razulei laughed at this, seeing none of Zamorak's mages as loyal.

Following Zamorak's banishment during the Gielinorian God Wars, Razulei later heard from his sources that the newer generation of mages wished for their god's return to Gielinor. They drew power from the robes, but their loyalty allowed them to overwhelm the cruelty and siphon massive power in the process. Razulei was pleased with this, seeing that Zamorak had finally obtained some loyal followers.

Razulei also created The Rings of Razulei, which builds up rage in their owner and came into the demon Dagon's possession. Dagon would later give these rings to the World Guardian in exchange for providing him with two Hellfire katars.