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Blazehound can no longer be obtained in RuneScape after an update but still exists in-game for those who had done so.
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Blazehound adolescent Solomon icon.png
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Blazehounds are available from Solomon's General Store for 1,083 RuneCoins. The blazehound was originally a sentinel in the Infernal Dimensions who guarded the Scorched Keep from any tormented souls.[1]

A blazehound has three stages of growth. It will take approximately 15 hours to reach the adolescent stage and an additional 25 hours to reach the adult stage, though this can be sped up by interacting with the pet. Stages can be skipped by using a Growth Surge on the pet, e.g. baby to adolescent or adolescent to adult.

A blazehound does not need to be fed like a normal pet, although feeding it Tasty Treats will increase the rate at which it grows by 50%, and feeding it Jelly Treats will increase it by 100%.

Like all pets and summoning familiars, it cannot enter or use its abilities in certain areas.

Similar to Summoning Familiars, the blazehound has abilities. It has the ability to forage for random items, the ability to scavenge loot from slain enemies, and is periodically able to deposit an item to its owner's bank.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Legendary pets have several unique abilities, described below. Pets in the baby stage can have one active ability, adolescent pets can have two, and adult pets can have three. Abilities can be switched out at any time unless that ability is on cooldown. Active abilites are switched via the pet interface by clicking on the "Abilities" button at the bottom right corner.

Life Saver, Slayer Finisher, Repair Item and Fertiliser are not available for Ironman accounts.

Ability Description
Forage ability icon.png Forage The pet can randomly forage items when they are summoned. This can also be triggered actively. The foraged item is always one of the following:
Banking ability icon.png Banking The pet is able to take an item to your bank; they can take one item every 10 minutes, and a stack of noted items are banked all at once. The pet's ability to bank does not work beyond level 1 Wilderness. If one just crosses the Wilderness wall (and the Wilderness level display does not actually appear; thus can be considered "Wilderness level 0") and does not walk north, then the pet's banking ability still can be used.

This ability does not send ores or bars to the Metal Bank nor does it send archaeology marterials to the Material storage container, they go directly to the bank.

Scavenge ability icon.png Scavenge The pet is able to scavenge dropped items from the moment it is obtained. To access the scavenge feature, 'Interact' with the pet and select 'Convenience', then select 'Scavenge'. When scavenge is selected, a menu interface will appear; the pet will automatically collect charms, but is able to pick up other items too. You can make the pet scavenge: Gold, Runes & Talismans, Herbs & Seeds, Weapons, Armour, Metal Bars & Ore, Bones & Ashes, Raw & Cooked food and Miscellaneous.

Note: Regular ashes, such as those dropped by creatures in the Abyss or the Dark Energy Core at Corporeal Beast, are considered "Herbs & Seeds" and NOT "Bones & Ashes"

The pet will only pick up one item from a slain enemy; if an enemy drops two or more items, the pet will only pick up one. The pet will not always pick up items after a kill. There is a chance that the item picked up by the pet will appear in your bank rather than being in your inventory. This ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

To deactivate scavenge, 'interact' with your pet, select 'convenience' and select 'Heel'.

Life Saver ability icon.png Life Saver Your pet will save you from death, as per a ring of life. This does not work in PvP areas and has a two-hour cooldown (logged-in time).
Slayer Finisher ability icon.png Slayer Finisher Your pet will automatically finish off Slayer monsters that usually require an item, saving you an inventory slot.
Item Repair ability icon.png Item Repair Once per hour, you can use a repairable degrading item on your pet to repair it immediately. This works – and costs – the same as using the POH armour stand.
Beast of Burden ability icon.png Beast of Burden Using a Beast of Burden familiar pouch on the pet allows it to act as a version of that familiar with 10,600 life points and the same time limit. Using multiple pouches on the pet lets you extend the time for up to two hours. Unlike most Beasts of Burden, legendary pets do not use Summoning points. This ability cannot be used in the Wilderness.
High Level Alchemy ability icon.png High Level Alchemy Once per 10 minutes, use an item on your pet to convert it to coins, as per the High Alchemy spell. This requires 55 Magic, but does not need runes and gives no experience.
Fertiliser ability icon.png Fertiliser Every hour (of logged in time), the pet can be interacted to spawn pet droppings. It can be picked up for six buckets of compost or supercompost if the player is on a member's world. It also has a 1 in 10,000 chance of spawning Mod Daze's homework or Mod Dolan's rubber duck.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

The Blazehound Puppy is able to do two emotes which both look similar - 'Can't Pet This' and 'Play dead'. As said earlier they can increase the growth rate of the puppy but repetitively doing them is useless as after two to four times it will stop giving you pet points. It is a lot more beneficial to do it with intervals, of, say, 10 minutes perhaps to gain the maximum pet points.

The Blazehound Adolescent has two new emotes - however, it does not retain its old ones. One of its emotes is 'Fetch' - where your player throws something behind the blazehound and it turns to get it. The other emote, 'Stop, Drop and Roll', makes your pet go still for a moment, then drop to the ground and finally roll onto its side. A few moments later it gets up.

Following the pattern, the Blazehound Adult has another two new emotes - although it is unable to perform its previous four. 'Dog-eat-Goblin' is one of its emotes - where a goblin appears and then the Blazehound Adult seems to turn it to black ash then eat the remains. The second emote is named 'Hot Dog' where the Ground around it cracks so you can see something that could be referred to as magma in the ground. Four tall, thin spurts of flame shoot out around the Blazehound from the ground. Neither of these two emotes give any pet points however - seeing as your pet is fully grown there is no reason for it to have pet points any more apart from the fact that you can tell how long someone has had a pet by checking their pet's pet points.

Blazehound puppy[edit | edit source]

Blazehound adolescent[edit | edit source]

Blazehound adult[edit | edit source]

Names[edit | edit source]

Concept art

These are the possible names that can be given to the pets:

Available pet names
Mr PunchyMr StampyMs PunchyMs StampyNemea
PookiePuffyRed FangRexReynard
TrampleTreasure HolderTrebuchetWhitebearrrdWidget

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 18 April 2016 (Update):
    • The Blazehound legendary pet now correctly performs its resting animation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The blazehound's description is a reference to the practice of sending dogs to retrieve the morning paper for their owners.

References[edit | edit source]

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