Castyx the Lascivious

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Castyx the Lascivious was a demon known to be active during the God Wars. Their twin is Gready the Corpulent. Sliske describes them as self-important and lists them as people of interest to the Inquisition.[1]

Sliske intended to use their appetites to find leverage over them and have them work for the Zarosian Empire, judging them to have the necessary skills to be excellent spies.[1]

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  1. ^ a b Inquisition Profiles, written by Sliske, "City of Senntisten", RuneScape. "Some demonic twins have fallen into my orbit recently and I intend to keep tabs on their exploits - Castyx the Lascivious and Gready the Corpulent. While I find their self-important titling to be insufferable, but[sic] it gives a clear signal of where pressure can be applied. Perhaps, through their appetites, I can find some leverage over them and have them work for the 'good of the Empire'. They would make for excellent spies."