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This article is about the second page. For other pages, see Commander's log page.
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Commander's log page 2 can be obtained from excavating at the Kharid-et Dig Site dig site at the ancient magick munitions, praetorian remains, or war table debris excavation hotspots. Recovering this page along with the rest of the commander's log pages is a requirement for completing the Decimation mystery.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Today marked the surprise arrival of the Pontifex Maximus, accompanied by the Praetor (the friendly one, praise be to Zaros, not that sadistic clown) and their personal guard. Normally, such visits are communicated ahead of time. At first, I thought it but a formality ahead of Lord Zaros's visit, but...and though I have had hours to try to absorb this news, I still struggle to write these words...

Zaros is defeated.

It feels untrue. Impossible. The empire has grown vast and powerful, our Lord himself the most powerful entity in existence, and yet... I have met the Pontifex Maximus once before, and though I have had little dealing with Mahjarrat, he gave me a good impression of them - a man fair and firm, devout and with conviction, but not without warmth. And yet in delivering this news he seems broken, to such an extent that I know the words he speaks are truth even though I cannot believe them myself.

Yet I must, for the legion needs to be informed of this. If I don't make an announcement soon, word will spread regardless, and nothing destroys morale more than rumour. Truth leads to trust, and I need their trust now more than ever. We all do.

The Pontifex Maximus did not stay long - he leaves to inform other key fort commanders - but has left behind the Praetor and her praetorians as additional support to help protect Kharid-et's many secrets.

-Prefect Livia Drusilla, Fort Commander, Kharid-et

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