Duke Orcus

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A supposed depiction of Orcus on a stained glass window inside a chapel devoted to him.

Duke Orcus was the commander of the Third Legion in the army of Zaros, and one of the twelve Chthonian dukes given to Zaros by Hostilius. He was one of the few Chthonian dukes that remained active during Zaros' reign, and became a proficient necromancer, becoming known as Duke Orcus the Necromancer.

At the end of the Second Age there was a necromatic cult dedicated to the duke.[1]

Orcus is associated with the pentagram symbol, which is featured on a dedicated altar in Kharid-et and on the Necromantic focus (also known as the Orconomicom or Book of Orcus).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Roman mythology, Orcus was the god of the Underworld, whose name came to be applied to also mean "death" and "underworld" in Latin, the real-world language from which the infernal language is derived.
  • Orcus features in Mod Jack's comic The Empty Throne as being present during Zamorak's betrayal. He is depicted as a very tall, concealed creature.
  • Mod Jack suggested on Twitter that Nechryael are the spawn of Duke Orcus.[2] Before their graphical updates, the Nechryael had a pentagram-symbol on their chests.
    The old version of the Nechryael with a pentagram on its chest.
  • Orcus is the name of the Demon Prince of Undeath in the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The Orcus altar in Kharid-Et reads "It's odd to see an altar not being dedicated to Zaros", insinuating that it must have had a special reason for being built.

References[edit | edit source]

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