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Papa Gianne is a terrorbird-mounted gnome who delivered pizzas to players as part of the 2017 April Fools event, similar to the food delivery when using a Reward token from the Gnome Restaurant minigame. During the event, the "Get Bond" button in the currency pouch was replaced by a "Get Pizza" button. Upon pressing it, the player received a chatbox message saying "You have made your order. Please be patient while the gnome finds you." Papa Gianne appeared from nearby after 20 seconds, saying "Delivery for <Player>!!!" and a message depending on what kind of pizza he delivered. He delivered plain, meat, anchovy, pineapple and burnt pizzas.

Possible messages included:

  • Plain, meat, and anchovy - "Here you go <Player>, your food delivery - still warm!"
  • Burnt - "Here you go <Player>, your food delivery - crispy, how you like it!"

If Papa Gianne is unable to reach the player, he will repeatedly call Hey, <Player>, I can't get to you! and leave after a certain amount of time, prompting a message saying "Your delivery cannot be completed. The delivery gnome will return to base, and try again next time you activate your token. If he can't get to you then, he will write this job off as a prank call! Make sure you are in an open area so that the delivery gnome can find you." In the chat interface this long message gets cut after "Mak". Another delivery can be then ordered immediately. On the second unsuccessful delivery no messages are seen and after that Papa Gianne no longer responds to any orders.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Get Pizza!
Papa Gianne delivering a pizza to a player