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Ring of rares only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
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The ring of rares is an item obtained during the April Fools' events, starting with 2018, and returning in subsequent years.[1] On 1 April, partyhats in all six colours will continuously spawn in certain locations. If a player picks one up, they will get the ring along with the following message:

You cast the partyhat aside and pick up a precious ring you find underneath it instead.

Only one ring can be owned at a time. Attempting to pick up another will generate the message:

You don't feel like picking it up.

The ring can transmogrify the player into various old holiday items by attempting to wear it. These include:

There is a chance of obtaining the ring of random when selecting a rare with the ring of rares. (Actual morphing is not needed; for example entering the partyhat colour selection is enough.) This does not usually take more than 10 attempts of using the ring of rares.

Before 2020, attempting to wear the ring after 00:00 UTC on 2 April would produce the following message: The ring slips from your grasp and rolls away, never to be seen again. This would then remove the ring of rares and the ring of random from the player's account. From 2020 onwards the rings simply disappeared automatically.

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