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This article is about April Fools joke. For the achievement, see Wet and Wildy.

Wet 'n' Wildy is a fictitious RuneScape theme park that was created for the 2010 April Fools joke. On 1 April 2010, Jagex told the Runescape community that it was under construction near their UK office. Its plans were released to players in the RuneScape Theme Park – COMING SOON! update and a Developer Blog.

Map[edit | edit source]

The map of Wet 'n' Wildy

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Toilets for men, women and other gender-specific races
Immortalise your face in a photo
  • First Aid
Gain life points at these convenient stations
  • Car Parking Zones
SARADOMIN Station, GUTHIX garage, ZAMORAK zone
Lost a parent? Make your way to one of these kiosks

Divisions[edit | edit source]

The park is divided into 3 main areas, which contain most of the rides and attractions.

Funbridge[edit | edit source]

Play on words of: Lumbridge
  1. Ape Paytoll
    Pay our monkey doormen and make your way into the park. Entranan monks are on hand to remove any weapon.
  2. Emmental Workshop
    Know that edam is made backwards? Find out how other cheeses are manufactured and then churn your own cheese shield.
  3. Wyson's Whack-a-Mole
    Grab a granite maul and whack the moles before they whack you! Prizes include an inflatable skillcape of strength.
  4. Chaos Elemental's 13D Cinema
    You've seen films in 2D and 3D, now experience them in all 13 dimensions! View five alternate endings at the same time.
  5. The Makeover Mage's facepaint stall
    Fun faces for all the family! Turn your little girl into a bearded man, or your grandma into a newborn baby.

Wildyness[edit | edit source]

Play on words of: Wilderness
  1. Teacups and Sorcerers
    Feel the wind surge around your face as you take a spin in the teacups. You might even feel your bones turning to peaches.
  2. Baxtorian Faaaaaalls!
    An AoG[sic] flume with extra "Aaaaah". Maths tells us that this ride is nine times more exciting than the real Baxtorian Falls.
  3. All-you-can-eat Cabbage buffet
    Hungry? You won't be after an all-you-can-eat cabbage buffet. Who thought that one life point could taste so good?
  4. Bigger Top Bonanza
    Heckle circus acts and demand they juggle eggs, throw-knives at gnomes and levitate orcs. Foam hands supplied.

Merrytania[edit | edit source]

Play on words of: Morytania
  1. The Rune-Away Minecarts
    Hop into these rickety coasters and exit with a kelda-grin on your face! Dwarves must be at least five feet to enter.
  2. Gnomecopter Tours
    See RuneScape Wet 'n' Wildy from your very own Gnomecopter. Gnome Cocktails available on request.
  3. The Culinaromancer's Kitchen
    Get the satisfaction of a meal well-earned, where every dish is guaranteed to put up a fight. A meal eaten is a meal beaten.
  4. Pirates of Mos Le'Harmless
    This live-action display involves music, romance, and free 'rum' for all. Starring Jonny Dead and Keira Bitely.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the centre of the map is the Stone of Jas, made to look like the Epcot "Spaceship Earth" attraction that is the centrepiece of the park.
  • The parking zones icons and colours are from the three major gods.
  • The name Wet 'n' Wildy is a reference to water parks in Queensland and Sydney, Australia; Florida, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Arizona, USA; and North Tyneside, UK which are called Wet "n" Wild.
  • 'Merrytania', 'Funbridge' and 'Wildyness' are based on the in-game Morytania, Lumbridge and Wilderness.
  • At the cabbage restaurant information section, they mention that cabbages heal one life point. They however heal 10 life points, but 1 hitpoint.
  • The hat above the 'Teacups and Sorcerers' ride is based on the Mickey Mouse Fantasia Hat at Hollywood Studios.
  • The map of Wet 'n' Wildy looks similar to the map of the Animal Kingdom in Orlando.
  • In the URL for the Dev Blog, it says it is an April Fools Joke.
  • It is stated in the Dev Blog that the Theme Park will open in the 5th quarter of 2010.
  • If one hovers their mouse over the picture, it says "April Fool's."
  • If you look at the map of the park, log flume is spelt with an upper-case G. This is a reference to Armies of Gielinor, a Funorb game.
  • The name of the coordinator is "Mod Paupersen", this is an Anagram of "Made Up Person".
  • The roller coaster "rune-away mine carts" is likely based off of the "run away mine carts" of Alton Towers theme park in the UK.
  • The Developers' Blog writer is Mod Pauprsen, as opposed to Paupersen.
  • Mod MMG has confirmed that this has the new skill date hidden inside it, as pointed out below.[source needed]
  • If the above is true maybe April 13 as foam hand is giant hand which only has 4 fingers and the screen that is in 13D could be the 13th. Also the 5th quarter may be 5 times 4 the 20th.
  • The 4th attraction is the 13D cinema. Now the chaos elemental is advertised at this location, and the elemental is commonly linked to giving out hints at new updates. So it is reasonable to think that the update will be in April (4th month of the year) and on the 13th (hence the 13D).
    • Dungeoneering, the new skill (released on the 12th of April), is a thirteen-letter word, and starts with a 'D'. The '13D' might be a hint towards the name of the skill.
  • The "Pirates of Mos Le' Harmless" ride features Johnny Dead and Kiera Bitely, references to Pirates of the Caribbean actors Johnny Depp and Keira Knightly. The change reference Morytania's vampyres and zombies.
  • The Missing My Mummy kiosk is based upon the quest.
  • The all-you-can-eat cabbage buffet looks like Brassica Prime. This may be a reference to the 2009 April Fools joke, where if a player kicked a cabbage from Draynor to Oo'glog, Brassica Prime would come thank the player and give them a cabbage for their effort.