Cult of Orcus

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For the achievement, see The Cult of Orcus.

The Cult of Orcus was a religious order that existed within the Zarosian Empire. It was dedicated to Orcus the Necromancer, one of the Zarosian dukes. It has a presence in the fortress known as Kharid-et. Although Praetor Trindine expressed her suspicions of the cult's motives, especially due to their dabbling in necromancy, the members stationed at Kharid-et were ultimately loyal to Zaros' cause, and assisted Trindine in protecting Kharid-et[1] at the cost of their own lives. Lucius Castillius is the only named, known member of the cult, but his journals tell that Trindine herself "carried the mark of the Cult"[2] and was therefore part of it.

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