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The design of the Virtus armour is based on Virtus' original armour

Virtus was an immensely powerful Zarosian of the Second Age dedicated to the art of magic.

History[edit | edit source]

He was a master of all the types of magic and drained so much power from a rift that appeared on the Lumbridge swamps that he drew the attention of Zaros himself, who sent Nex to investigate. Nex was impressed by his power and recruited him to her army. He held the rank of tribune to Nex in Zaros's empire.

During his service under Nex's command, Virtus had four notable disciples; Fumus, Umbra, Cruor and Glacies. Each disciple mastered one of the four elements of the Ancient Spellbook; smoke, shadow, blood and ice magic respectively.

He anticipated Zamorak's betrayal, though he believed that the party sent to Prifddinas were more than capable and shrugged off the thought that something bad would happen. He and Glacies made their way to Ghorrock to meet with Matriarch Lamahastrac, before he would inspect the other fortresses of Forinthry and leave Glacies at Ghorrock so she could investigate the snowfields. When he returned, he found Glacies changed, who had offered her life force to fill a void which he would have stopped if he was present, although he did note that she had somewhat reminded her of Nex. His other three disciples also followed suit sometime later and he recommended to Nex that they serve as her personal guard, which she accepted.

He was recognised for the many he saved, while his enchantments protected an ever greater number of individuals. He never fell in battle and died as an old and respected man. The Virtus armour's appearance is based on the design of his armour.

Virtus was attuned to magic from a young age, and he taught himself to siphon from a magical rift in the swamps of Lumbridge. The volume of magic he took from the area was immense, drawing unwittingly from a world that was connected to Gielinor. The transfer of magic drew the attention of Zaros, and Nex was sent to investigate, where she was quick to recognise the young man's potential. In Nex's service, Virtus did not use his magic solely for combat, he mastered all arts. Teleporting anyone who was willing, just by picturing them in his mind. He was recognised for the many he saved, while his enchantments protected even greater numbers.
Nex's Followers

According to Nex's journal, Virtus widened Nex's perception of what a living being should be. Due to this, Nex became a skilled strategist, valuing the lives of the soldiers under her command.

Works[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Virtus is the author or co-author of:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Virtus" is Latin for manliness, strength, vigour and bravery.[1]
  • Virtus is currently the only one of Nex's tribunes who has yet to make an appearance in-game.

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References[edit | edit source]

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