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The ghost of a legionary found in Kharid-et. The face plate highly resembles Zaros himself.
This article is about the Zarosian military unit. For the ghosts at Kharid-et, see Ghost legionary.

Legionaries were the common footsoldiers of the Zarosian Empire. They would wield a Legionary gladius, a short sword made of both Third Age iron and Imperial steel. For defensive attire, they would use a Legionary square shield. To face opposing armies, legionaries would lock shields together in various formations. Each of the legions or cohorts had their own battle standard, the Primis Elementis standard.

Legionary remains can be found in Kharid-et near the barracks. The ghosts of legionaries still stand guard in the area as if the empire were still at its prime. By activating a Shadow anchor, these ghosts can become visible to those with access to the Shadow Realm either through having a Ring of visibility equipped or through Sliske's gift.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The locking of shields likely refers to a Testudo formation, a real formation used by Ancient Rome during siege battles.
  • Third age iron is a required material to restore Legionary gladii and square shields despite the Zarosian Empire's prominence during the Second Age. An in-universe reason for this may be the rarity of Imperial iron today meaning Third age iron is being used as a replacement in the restoration process. Alternatively, the Zarosian Empire likely would have adapted the newer form of iron upon the onset of the Gielinorian God Wars.