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Mod Rowley is a Lead Content Developer at Jagex. Mod Rowley is the curator of the Desert quest series. He used to be an editor, writing Postbags and QuestHelp. He also starred in the third episode of Above the Lore and the podcasts about the development of Prifddinas.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Role Date
Web Content Editor Unknown - Unknown
Senior Content Editor Unknown - March 2011
Content Developer March 2011 - Unknown
Senior Content Developer Unknown - 2021
Lead Content Developer 2021 - Present

Contributions[edit | edit source]

As author[edit | edit source]

Mod Rowley is the author of the following Lores and Histories:

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

200th QuestPodcast26 March 2015
Araxxor Quest, Skilling Off-hands, Golden Clue Scrolls, etc - RuneScape Epic Jam Showcase (pt1)Livestream18 October 2019
Archaeology, Challenges Rework, Activity Pets and more - RuneScape Month Ahead Q&A (Dec 19)Livestream3 December 2019
Archaeology, Ranch Out of Time, Farming & Herblore 120s, Elder GWD, etc - RuneFest Q&A (RuneScape)Livestream9 October 2019
Armadyl Lore and MorePodcast31 March 2016
Bandos, Balance, Rules and Tools!Podcast14 April 2016
Developer Q&A - River of Blood & Eastern Lands preview & Art ShowcaseLivestream14 April 2016
Directors Let's Play - City of SenntistenLivestream30 June 2021
Elf City Design, Part 1Podcast16 May 2014
Elf City Design, Part 2Podcast23 May 2014
Elf City Design, Pt5Podcast15 June 2014
Elf City Design, Pts 3 & 4Podcast6 June 2014
Elf City Release FeedbackPodcast26 September 2014
Fate of the Gods!Podcast29 March 2014
Free Love And SheepPodcast17 May 2016
Future of Invention - RuneScape Developer Q&ALivestream6 February 2016
Invention Developer Q&A - RuneScapeLivestream28 January 2016
July month ahead - The Arc, Port Sarim Rework & More - RuneScapeLivestream6 July 2016
Let's Play Orthen, the new Archaeology dig site // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Oct 2020)Livestream23 October 2020
Lord of Vampyrium (podcast)Podcast10 September 2015
Lore Q&A: Desperate Measures, Elder Gods and more - RuneScape Weekly Stream (Aug 2020)Livestream6 August 2020
Meg-a May sneak peek - RuneScape Developer Q&ALivestream30 April 2016
Orthen Digsite: First Info, Release Date, Rewards // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Oct 2020)Livestream8 October 2020
Orthen Digsite: Osseous Event, Relics, Skilling Offhands, Potions & Tablets // RuneScape StreamLivestream15 October 2020
Ozan, Owen and ArianePodcast30 May 2013
Ports!Podcast30 January 2015
Quests Exposed - Part 1Podcast19 March 2015
Quests Exposed Part 2Podcast21 March 2015
RS Mobile Launch & Elder God Wars Reveal | RuneScape Weekly Stream (June 2021)Livestream16 June 2021
Raksha: The Story So Far - Lore Q&A // RuneScape (Nov 2020)Livestream28 November 2020
RuneFest 2013: Celebrating StoryVideo11 November 2013
RuneFest 2014: Meet the Makers - Elf CityVideo12 October 2014
RuneScape - Lord of Vampyrium - Director's CutLivestream22 September 2015
RuneScape - River of Blood teaser - ReVamping the PaterdomusLivestream10 April 2016
RuneScape 20 Years of Lore // The Lore Council discusses the history of GielinorLivestream19 January 2021
RuneScape Behind the Scenes #162 - Lord of VampyriumVideo11 September 2015
RuneScape Behind the Scenes #19 - Two new quests, One new City!Video21 September 2012
RuneScape Behind the Scenes #191 - Morytania Madness & River of BloodVideo8 April 2016
RuneScape Behind the Scenes #58 - More Lodestones!Video21 June 2013
RuneScape Content Showcase - Player Owned Farms, Quest Points, Avatar rework & Clan improvementsLivestream18 July 2018
RuneScape Content Showcase - Player-Owned FarmLivestream22 August 2018
RuneScape Developer Q&A - Invention Special!Livestream4 November 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A - Quests, Quests and more Quests!Livestream19 October 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A - Vampyre Quest TeasersLivestream26 August 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with D&D Improvements Showcase!Livestream12 May 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with Grand Exchange and Vampyre Teaser PicsLivestream26 May 2015
RuneScape Developer Q&A with Tuska PreviewLivestream19 May 2015
RuneScape Podcast - The Elder Gods, more music and the Macro Ban Initiative!Video31 May 2016
RuneScape TV: Ports Expansion + 200th Quest Discussion - 20/01/2015Livestream21 January 2015
RuneScape's Road to Menaphos stream #1- The Story So Far and requirementsLivestream25 April 2017
Seren, a song & the Community HelpersPodcast29 January 2016
Sliske, more music and Behind the Scenes of Customer SupportPodcast14 June 2016
Some Saradominist Lore, Mod Moltare’s favourite music and Player Support talks Account security!Podcast26 February 2016
Some Zamorak Lore, Mod Bond’s favourite music track and Player Support MonitoringPodcast10 March 2016
The Arc Part 2 - RuneScape Developer Q&ALivestream27 September 2016
The DragonKin, Mod Pi’s music and Scamming!Podcast19 July 2016
The Elder Gods, more music and the Macro Ban Initiative!Podcast31 May 2016
The Godless, Did You Know?Podcast3 August 2016
The Making of Archaeology - RuneScape Weekly Stream (April 2020)Livestream21 April 2020
The Road to Archaeology - Rewards of the skillVideo24 March 2020
The Road to Archaeology Stream pt.1 - Introduction (March 2020)Livestream10 March 2020
The Road to Archaeology Stream pt.2 - Dig Sites & Guild (March 2020)Livestream18 March 2020
The Road to Elf CityPodcast2 May 2014
The World GatePodcast23 August 2013
Welcome to the Arc - RuneScape Developer Q&A highlightLivestream14 July 2016
Zaros, some light music and the new Support CentrePodcast12 February 2016

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