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Ayanetka was an influential Zarosian human of the late Second/early Third Ages, serving as the Archbishop of Senntisten at the time of Zaros' defeat at the hands of Zamorak, the close details of which he was apparently privy to. Shortly after Zaros' fall, Ayanetka issued a message to the other bishops of Zaros (Book of Zaros, Chapter 1) relaying to them what had happened to the Empty Lord and to remain resolute in their devotion to him, reminding them of the key tenets of Zaros: first, control yourself, and then your congregations, and to maintain control over those below and deference to those above. Finally, Ayanetka reassured the bishops that Zaros was not dead, and promised that he would rule from the Shadow Realm until he returns to destroy the usurper, and that Zaros would no doubt send them a sign.

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Transcripts Ayanetka is the author or co-author of: