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Praetorians, or the 'Praetorian Guard', are powerful warrior mages of the Zarosian Secret Police.[1] As members of the Secret Police, the Praetorian Guard follow the orders of the Praetor, Trindine, and the Praefectus Praetorio, Sliske, who is also referred to as the 'Praetorian Prefect'.[2]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Praetorian Guard wear heavy and well-armoured robes, unlike the Wizards of present day (such as those found at Wizards' Tower), this suggests that their work was extremely dangerous.[3][4] Additionally, the Praetorians used their robes for religious and ceremonial purposes.[5] The religious usage of their equipment likely extends to include their staff, due to small censer built into its design.[6] As members of the Secret Police, Praetorians also wear a mask to conceal their identity and protect their anonymity.[7] Proficient Archaeologists who have excavated such equipment at the Kharid-et Dig Site have been able to restore these artefacts via materials such as: ancient vis, samite silk, Zarosian insignias, and death runes. Whereas the Praetorian staff was repaired via the same materials aside from samite silk, which was replaced with imperial steel. However, these are only Archaeological restorations, rather than creating the equipment from scratch. It is possible, or even likely, that other rare materials and expertise are required to create this equipment in its entirety.

Inconceivably powerful and rare artefacts excavated from the Praetorium of Kharid-et have been able to upgrade the existing Praetorian staff into an Inquisitor staff. These valuable artefacts were discovered in the form of a staff censer, rod, and ornament. A valuable Inquisitor staff piece may also be obtained by completing Soran's final collection for the first time (though the chosen piece is random). Soran then explains that the Inquisition was an off-shoot of the Praetorian Guard which travelled the world 'confiscating' powerful magical items, punishing those who were silly enough to stand against them with their 'step above' weapons. [8]

History[edit | edit source]

The Mysterious Monolith[edit | edit source]

When rumours began swirling that Zaros had abandoned his people, Aurelius and Kolton were tasked to put an end to these rumours. During their investigation, they suspected Sliske and unknowingly trespassed into Zaros' hidden realm, where an entity named Vos told the two to widen the opening. Kolton's mind was destroyed by the voice, while Aurelius was able to resist it long enough for Zaros to arrive. Angered by the intrusion, Zaros reduced the powers of the Inquisition while transferring it to the Praetorians. Aurelius suspected that this was a ploy by Sliske to ensure his safety in the upcoming Rituals and to increase the reach of the Praetorians.

Biological Warfare[edit | edit source]

A group of Praetorians were sent to the Unquiet Ocean and returned with mysterious fungi in tow. They wished to increase the power and influence of the Zarosian Empire using this fungus as a biological weapon, forcing rival cities to pay ransom or be "saved" by the Empire against it. They named the being they created from the fungi Croesus and worked on it, feeding it slaves, burning away its weaknesses and continually prodding it to evolve. This was done so well that Croesus eventually broke out of containment, labeled a serious threat. They were ordered to stop after it was contained, but they refused and it broke out once more, this time threatening the city. The Tenth Legion were recalled from the border to combat the threat, but Croesus proved to be too strong for them, nearly wiping them out and forcing Zaros to intervene by "quarantining" the district it was in beneath the earth. It is not known if the Praetorians were punished for disobeying the orders.

Kharid-et[edit | edit source]

The Praetorians arrived at Kharid-et alongside the Praetor, Trindine, and the Pontifex Maximus, Azzanadra, following the betrayal and defeat of Zaros.[9]

Custodian Stepan Jovkai, a vampire, noticed that the newly arrived Praetorians were carrying phylacteries, which were colloquially referred to as 'diabolus'. Jovkai believed the Praetorians were carrying these as they were members to the Cult of Orcus. As a vampire, Jovkai had an enhanced sense of perception, which allowed him to sense what was contained within the diabolī. This in mind, Jovkai believed that Pater Dis (Lucius Castillius), the Pater of the Cult of Orcus, would be able to assist him in trapping Xil'Gar Trog's soul. [10]

References[edit | edit source]

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