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Nabor was a Mahjarrat active during the Second Age. Nabor was one of around 500[1] Mahjarrat brought from Freneskae to Gielinor by Icthlarin to aid the Menaphites fighting in the Kharidian-Zarosian War[2] in a desperate attempt to withstand the forces of the Empty Lord and repel them from the plains.

Eventually however, after several years, a majority of the Mahjarrat - Nabor included - defected from the Kharidian cause and joined Zaros[1], who better understood their ways and who provided the warlike race greater opportunity than Icthlarin did. Now working with the invaders, Nabor and the other turncoats pushed against the Menaphites, culminating in a last stand on a plain near the middle of the peninsula. It was here that Tumeken, the god of light and father of Icthlarin, appeared and after cursing the Mahjarrat's treachery, exploded, practically annihilating both sides.[1]

Nabor was one of less than one hundred Mahjarrat to survive this disaster, having been protected by the power of Azzanadra[1], and went on to serve in the Zarosian Empire as a Pontifex (a leader in the church).[3] He eventually took up post within the Senntisten insane asylum, long enough to construct notes on the asylum's incarcerated residents, such as Senecianus.[4][5]

In the book A visit to an old friend, found during Kindred Spirits, it is implied that Nabor was sealed in the asylum by Azzanadra and may have died by missing a number of Rituals of rejuvenation.[6] This is confirmed by a visit to the Senntisten Asylum, where Nabor can be found splayed out behind an old desk south of the Abyssal beasts.[7]

Works[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Nabor is the author or co-author of:

References[edit | edit source]

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