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The design of the Torva armour is based on Torva's armour appearance.

Torva was a very powerful Zarosian during the Second Age and a master of melee combat.

History[edit | edit source]

Torva lived in a village once known as Flamtaer, forgotten to time with his family. He was on good terms with the other villagers, and they lived peacefully until a group of ripper demons attacked the village. Even though his family and friends were scattered around him, killed by the demons, he single-handedly fought all of the demons off. Hazeel, a Mahjarrat who led the demons, became fed up with the resistance he was showing and decided to personally finish him off. Torva showed no fear against the Mahjarrat, and Nex, who knew he would not survive, decided to intervene, taking him under her wing. He was then trained in all forms of melee combat, and was given the rank of Tribune in Zaros's empire.

Torva eventually led a campaign to southern Hallowvale, though the results remain unknown.

At some point prior to the betrayal, Torva heard of a gladiator named Zuk and his prowess in battle. Interested, he challenged Zuk to a duel. Torva was defeated by Zuk, who spared him. In turn, Torva used his connections to grant freedom to the former gladiator.

Fighting in many battles, he died of natural causes, an old man. Torva armour was based on armour that he wore into battle.

Torva started from humble roots in a small village called Flamtaer in Morytania. He single-handedly turned away a pack of ripper demons, while his family and neighbours lay dead about him. Even when Hazeel, the Mahjarrat, grew impatient and decided to complete the job himself, Torva showed no fear. Nex chose to protect Torva then, and trained the human in melee combat.
Nex's Followers

According to Nex's journal, Torva taught Nex how to manipulate human psychology, allowing her to convert her courage into inspiration for her fellow soldiers.

Works[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Torva is the author or co-author of:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Torva is derived from the Latin word "torvus", meaning "grim", "fierce", or "stern".[1]
  • Torva is currently the only one of Nex's tribunes to not have a weapon of his own - as a result, the ancient warriors in the Ancient Prison use unique two-handed swords, while the ancient warriors in the Heart of Gielinor use chaotic mauls as placeholders.
    • Following the release of the TzekHaar Front, Torva made an appearance in-game, albeit mentioned, showing him using a sword and shield.

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References[edit | edit source]

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