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Madromurt was a Mahjarrat brought to Gielinor from Freneskae by the Menaphite god Icthlarin to combat the forces of Zaros. They were at one time given the rank of Pontifex, a leader in the church, and had Trindine amongst their diocese, which they objected to in a letter to Azzanadra but this was never received. It was later found by the World Guardian in the The Empty Throne Room and translated by Celia Diggory.

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  1. ^ Mod Jack. RuneScape Discord (#lore-discussion). 1 October 2020. "this is why for the reveal that mr mordaut is actually a mahjarrat, I made sure to set that up well in advance [...] I did put a hint in game that he might be [...] the hint is ranagam [...] someone needed to write the letter and you know what it's like when you have a brilliant idea you just can't abandon"*