Cursed Archipelago

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Cursed Archipelago
Also called Pirate's Archipelago
Release date Unknown edit
Sea Eastern Sea
Kingdom(s) Unknown edit
Members N/A
No. of banks Unknown
No. of altars Unknown
No. of small obelisks Unknown
Teleportation None
Guilds None
Music None
Inhabitants Unknown

The Cursed Archipelago is a large chain of seemingly uninhabited islands in the south of Eastern Sea, south of Harmony Island. It is said to be a land surrounded by evil magicks, and has remained isolated since the Battle of the Archipelago.

According to Young Ralph, a pirate present at the battle, the Cursed Archipelago has long been avoided by the pirates of the Eastern Sea. Strange monsters and ancient evils fight back against all that visit the islands.

Only Rabid Jack and his crew were ever able to survive in the archipelago. Apparently, the native dangers avoided them, allowing Jack to amass his fortress for a second attack on the pirate port town of Mos Le'Harmless. Since his defeat, the islands were believed to be abandoned.

However, the recent attacks on Harmony Island and Braindeath Island have led some to believe some of the archipelago may now be Jack's base of operations.