Cursed Archipelago

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The Cursed Archipelago is a chain of islands in the south of Eastern Sea, south of Harmony Island. It is said to be a land surrounded by evil magicks,[1] and has remained isolated since the Battle of the Archipelago.

According to Young Ralph, a pirate present at the battle, the Cursed Archipelago has long been avoided by the pirates of the Eastern Sea. Strange monsters and ancient evils fight back against all that visit the islands.

Only Rabid Jack and his crew were ever able to survive in the archipelago. Apparently, the native dangers avoided them, allowing Jack to amass his fortress for a second attack on the pirate port town of Mos Le'Harmless. Since his defeat, the islands were believed to be abandoned.

However, the recent attacks on Harmony Island and Braindeath Island have led some to believe some of the archipelago may now be Jack's base of operations.

Indeed, when Jack finally attempted to enact his revenge, his invasion force was repelled and his plans for the Braindeath distillery were put to a stop, upon which he retreated to an abandoned Dragonkin temple beneath the waves called Ulthven Kreath. The pirates of Mos Le'Harmless gathered a fleet of ships to end Jack's threat once and for all, but they were themselves ambushed when they reached the archipelago. A human adventurer survived the attack and followed Jack to his sanctum, where he found a mysterious portal from which emerged a massive hand made of black stone. Merely being in the black hand's presence was enough to almost drive the adventurer insane, though they circumvented this by getting drunk on Braindeath 'rum'. After a lengthy duel against Rabid Jack, the adventurer was able to seal the portal, but not before Jack entered the portal himself.

Years later, during the Sixth Age, a mysterious being known only as the Ambassador attempted to perform a ritual that would allow his master to enter Gielinor. Ulthven Kreath was part of a larger complex built in a reef deep beneath the Cursed Archipelago that served as the Ambassador's base of operations, known as the Shadow Reef. Knowing that his plans posed a great threat to Gielinor, the adventurer, by now annointed as the World Guardian by Guthix, gathered various allies in order to attack the Shadow Reef and put a stop to the Ambassador's ritual. While their allies attacked the surface, the World Guardian, having ingested a potion that allowed them to breathe underwater, infiltrated the Shadow Reef and fought their way to the darkest, deepest area of the reef, where they battled against the Ambassador with a little assistance from Seiryu, the Azure Serpent. The attack was a success, and the World Guardian was able to kill the Ambassador, who with his last breath cryptically proclaimed that his death would change nothing and that his master's arrival was inevitable.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Young Ralph, "Rocking Out", RuneScape. "To the south of Harmony, there is a number of islands we call the Cursed Archipelago. They be filled with wicked magicks and evil spirits, and that dog had taken his fleet and made camp there without them touchin' him."