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Bosun Giles was a favoured crew member of Captain Rabid Jack, a former pirate lord now seemingly returned from the dead. Giles was amongst those killed in the Battle of the Archipelago, an armed conflict between Jack's fleet and a united resistance effort from Mos Le'Harmless.

Giles can be first be briefly glimpsed during the final cutscene of Rocking Out. During Pieces of Hate, the player finds out that he has been transformed into a barrelchest and he returns to life as Barrelchest Giles.

History[edit | edit source]

Giles, prior to the battle, was a favoured member of Jack's crew. Although his job aboard his ship, The Scourge (later This Albatross), has not been detailed, he appears to have been responsible for disciplining misbehaving crew members. He also was extremely skilled with a sword, capable of fending off Cap'n Izzy No-Beard for some time.

Giles was present when Jack first attacked Mos Le'Harmless in an effort to claim the pirate port as his own. When this failed, Jack fled to the Cursed Archipelago, a large chain of cursed islands in the southern Eastern Sea. Here he remained for some time, using his expansive fleet to prey on any vessels he could find. Giles is believed to have followed suit, ensuring that This Albatross remained functional.

This, however, greatly angered the Customs and Excise Office, who retaliated by launching an unprecedented anti-pirating campaign that left the pirates of Mos Le'Harmless in a dangerous position. Seeking to end Jack's attacks permanently, the pirate captains of the port united under Gentleman Mallard and travelled to the Archipelago.

Giles remained with his captain throughout the battle, using his swordsmanship to protect him from many assassination attempts. At the same time, Giles managed to update Jack on the conditions of the other ships in his fleet. Eventually, both were trapped aboard This Albatross, where most of the surviving pirates from Mos Le'Harmless were making a desperate attempt to get to Jack.

Giles engaged in a fight with Cap'n Izzy No-Beard, who was attempting to kill Jack. Meanwhile, aboard Captain Brass Hand Harry's ship, Young Ralph launched a cannonball at Jack, which instead hit Giles directly in the stomach. Giles was instantly killed, while the ensuing explosion of debris left Jack mortally wounded. Left without any means of escape, Jack seemingly committed suicide by jumping overboard with a mysterious box. The pirates of Mos Le'Harmless, having won, executed Jack's surviving crew and left the Archipelago.

For years Rabid Jack would remain seemingly deceased; however, many of his crew were becoming undead, mechanising themselves in the process, including Giles who was transferred into a barrelchest suit. During the quest Pieces of Hate, Giles acted as the personal guard for Mi-Gor and Mechanical Murphy during the takeover of Braindeath Island. Later in the quest, he is seemingly killed by a swarm of 'Rum'-pumped crabs.

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