Brass Hand Harry's mark

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Brass Hand Harry's mark detail.png

Brass Hand Harry's mark is an item from the Rocking Out quest. It is one of the five marks needed for the quest, in order to make Young Ralph talk about Rabid Jack. It is made when players use a fixed Brass hand with an Ink pad to get an Inky hand and then used with paper.

You make the mark of a brass hand on the paper. While you can use it now, it's only polite to show it to Harry first.

If dropped, talk to Brass Hand Harry again:

  • Player: I lost the mark.
  • Brass Hand Harry: That's unacceptable! Fortunately, while you were running around, losing such valuable items, I had time to make a replacement. If you lose this, there will be hell to pay!

Disassembly[edit | edit source]