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The Wizards' Tower is a famous Saradominist institute of magic and runecrafting in Misthalin. The immense tower is located on a small island south of Draynor Village, connected to the mainland by an exquisite bridge.  The tower is associated with many other wizards outside the tower as well as the Wizards' Guild of Yanille, with which it has a sort of rivalry. The Wizards' Tower has two of the only known portals to the Runespan realm, home of the Runecrafting Guild. The current Wizards' Tower is sometimes known as the Second Wizards' Tower, as the First Wizards' Tower was burnt to the ground due to a magical explosion in the year 70 of the Fifth Age.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

  • Players can use a wicked hood or infinity ethereal outfit for unlimited teleportation to the roof of the tower
  • Players can use a traveller's necklace to arrive at the entrance of the tower
  • Players with access to the fairy ring network can use the code DIS to arrive south of the tower. There also happens to be a portal on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] (eastern portal) of the Wizards' Guild in Yanille offering direct teleportation to the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] arriving at the centre of the tower next to the beam.
  • Use the elder divination outfit to teleport to the pale wisp colony and run south-west
  • Players without access to the methods above can use an amulet of glory to teleport to Draynor Village square and run south or use the Draynor lodestone and run south
  • Players can access the tower by entering any Runecrafting altar and speaking to the wizard located inside. At the end of the conversation you will receive a prompt to teleport to the tower. You will be placed on the roof.

Reputation and organisational structure[edit | edit source]

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The Wizards' Tower contains a teleportation beam, which is the anchor for all teleportation spells of the standard spellbook, which was also created by the wizards of the tower. In the First Tower, there used to be four wizard orders (the Red, Green, Blue and Grey Orders, aligned to Zamorak, Guthix, Saradomin and miscellaneous or no gods respectively). Each order had a master, who tutored multiple apprentices. It had a large library, hall and an amount of studies and offices.

The current Wizards' Tower no longer has any orders (due to the destruction of the First Tower being blamed on the Zamorakian Red Order), and is exclusively Saradominist. Its head is an archmage, who has several senior wizards under him. These tutor the tower's students. The current tower has many facilities, including two libraries, an armillary, a telescope, offices and workrooms. In addition, the tower houses several secrets, such as the teleporation spell to the Rune Essence mine, which Zamorakian organisations such as the Zamorakian Magical Institute are attempting to steal. The ZMI have since launched Operation: Transient, thus taking over part of the Abyss, as well as captured the Ourania Runecrafting Altar.

The Wizards' Tower is also known for having created most spells currently used today and constructed the entire Lodestone Network, as well as many magical theses and theorems. The Wizards' Tower is one of the tallest building on Gielinor, rivalling great cities' castles and the Dominion Tower. Its elaborate architecture and ornaments make it a beacon of human accomplishment in the Fifth Age.

Young wizards are educated in the tower. They join as apprentices who learn magic under the tutelage of an older wizard. After some years, they write a thesis - if it passes, they become a fully fledged wizard of the tower.[1] For Ariane, this process took two years, although she may not be representative. After that, one may eventually become a senior wizard. After nine years at the Tower, Ariane was still not a senior wizard but was thought to be "well on her way".[2]

The hierarchy of the Wizards' Tower appear to be represented by the wands of the Mage Training Arena. When Castimir's thesis was accepted, he was granted a teacher's wand to replace his apprentice wand.[3] And Aubury, a higher ranking wizard, is referred to as a "Master of the Tower",[4] alluding to the master wand.

History[edit | edit source]

Discovery of Runecrafting and construction of the tower[edit | edit source]

During the transition from the Fourth Age into the Fifth Age, a runestone mine was discovered in the frozen north by the Fremennik, where the Stone of Jas had turned the rock into pure magical essence ages prior. The discovery of rune essence once again allowed humans to practice runecrafting and magic. The Wizards' Guild, built by Jack in the First Age, the first ever wizard, was reinvigorated with a wave of new applicants to further study the stones, leading it to become a leading magic institution, the first of the war-torn lands. Four wizard orders decided to build a tower on a small island in the Southern Sea, hence creating an impregnable fortress from where they could ward off attacks, if they encountered any. Finally, in the year 9 of the new age, a Mage Training Arena was erected near Al Kharid, where mages could train in various magical arts using the newly created runes. The Fremennik tribe, however, were against the Moonclan's actions, claiming that the making of runes was reserved only for the gods, referring to how Guthix crafted runes for humans to use in the First Age.

The temple that gave access to the Air altar, destroyed by the raging Fremennik.

A massive dispute between the Fremennik and the Moonclan began, and the latter decided to leave the mainland and practice the arts of runecrafting on the remote Lunar Isle. In 42 of the Fifth Age, the Fremennik, led by chieftain Gunnar, launched the Great Invasion. Their numbers high, they systematically visited each runecrafting temple, with exceptions such as the Death altar, and thoroughly destroyed it, leaving only ruins. In addition, the Imcando dwarves were driven to near-extinction by the "barbarians" and their city of Camdozaal was mostly destroyed as well. Sometime during the Invasion, the Fremennik also destroyed the Mage Training Arena, despite its rune guardians, golem-like sentient creatures of stone made to protect the arena. In 62, after twenty long years, the Fremennik, with numbers wavering and no new ground made, finally settled near Varrock in a village they named Gunnarsgrunn, planning to resume their raids in the future. The Wizards' Tower had suffered a major blow from the Invasion. Fortunately for them, the Fremennik had only destroyed the outsides of the temples; the actual altars remained untouched in their pocket dimensions.

Structures of the First Tower[edit | edit source]

The Chamber of Shrines, where apprentices were to pick an order.
The bridge leading up to the tower.

Despite the setbacks caused by the Fremennik, the human nations thrived throughout the Fifth Age. The Wizards' Tower became a well-established site for research and discussion to the human wizards. It would appear that, at this point, the tower wasn't as tall as it is now and occupied a larger area. Aside from human wizards, it contained many rune guardians, similar to the Mage Training Arena before its destruction. The wizards were divided into four orders, who worked semi-cooperatively in their magical research, their rivalry working as motivation, and who were also the founders of the tower. These orders each had a master, who usually had multiple apprentices under their wing. New apprentices would take a special test in the so-called Chamber of Shrines, a large room where the four orders were represented and where their leaders would congregate.

The Blue Order followed Saradomin and was responsible for the creation of most of the non-combat spells in the Standard Spellbook, such as alchemy spells. The Green Order, whose founder was the Fremennik explorer known as V------, did not create spells, but were considered experts in the art of runecrafting. They were followers of Guthix. The Red Order followed Zamorak and created most of the elemental spells, with "surge" being the theoretical maximum. An apprentice of the Red Order also discovered how to create teleportation spells shortly before the First Tower's demise. Finally, there was the Grey Order. These followed other gods, such as Armadyl, or none at all and were the greatest theorists of the tower. The orders worked together, but their slight distrust for each other, which resulted in a form of competition, was one of the deciding factors in their progress. This early period of the tower accounts for most of its largest discoveries. For example, the theorist Ozzikan proved that targets' defences cannot be bypassed by combat spells. As such, the curse spells were created, which weaken or stun opponents.

There was one particular problem the tower could not solve, however, and it was that of teleportation. Few teleport spells were known to man, and new ones could not be created. Lots of research was put into the matter, seeing that teleportation is a great benefit to mankind. For example, to get to the Rune Essence mine, wizards had to cross the barren Wilderness and its icy areas to the north before traversing the Northern Sea, all of which exposed them to many dangers. It is not surprising, thus, that quite a number of wizards never made the way back. Despite all efforts, there was seemingly no way to create new teleporation spells.

The teleportation problem[edit | edit source]

The library of the old tower.
Kelavan discussing with Mei.

In the year 70, the problem was finally solved. However, it also led to the downfall of the tower through a tragic series of events. These began when Master Zanmaron the Red set his apprentice Kelavan on a task to find out how to use combat spells to bypass enemies' defences. Kelavan knew this was impossible, however, and expressed his annoyance to Mei, an apprentice of Master Temrin the Grey, in the library. However, despite it being supposedly impossible, Kelavan had come up with a solution that seemed to make sense; he proposed to angle the spell through a secondary plane of existence in order to bypass Ozzikan's line of effect thesis using law runes. Mei quickly realised this could be the solution to the teleportation problem and suggested to show the idea to Mistress Azris the Green, as she had been working on the problem for years.

The wizards create the teleportation beam.

The two did and Azris, who realised Kelavan had come up with the solution she had been searching for years, dismissed the idea as a good try, but not working. Kelavan then returned to Zanmaron to inform him of what he had learnt. Azris then called the four other masters, Zanmaron, Temrin and Unaia to the Chamber of Shrines, where she presented Kelavan's theory as her own without giving him any credit. Zanmaron knew it wasn't her theory but kept quiet to teach Kelavan a lesson and summoned the latter to his office, angry at Kelavan for confiding in the other orders before his own. Kelavan was dismissed and Zanmaron, a demonologist, proceeded to attempt to retain some of the Red Order's dignity by leading the upcoming ritual. He summoned the demon Azacorax and ordered him to unlock the use of the Abyss for teleportation spells to go through. A little while later, he visited the four apprentices - Kelavan, Mei, Perien the Blue and Sland the Green - in the library to provide them instructions.

The eight wizards gathered in the main hall of the tower a little while later to perform the ritual. Before beginning, Zanmaron warned them that, once the ritual was commenced, it could not be stopped. Interrupting in the middle of the ritual would prove disastrous. Everyone agreed and the ritual began. During the ritual, it was revealed that Azris had stolen Kelavan's idea, but the wizards continued chanting nonetheless. A large beam appeared in the middle, going upwards. At that point, Azacorax appeared behind Zanmaron to unlock the Abyss, but the demon was noticed by Perien. He notified his mistress, Unaia, and they decided to abort the ritual due to the large demonic influences involved.

Destruction of the Wizards' Tower[edit | edit source]

The ritual turns very, very sour when the Blue Wizards leave.

Zanmaron begged the Saradominists to stay, but Perien and Unaia stopped chanting and walked away. At that point, the beam became highly unstable and fired a powerful surge of raw magical energy at Zanmaron, killing him on impact. The teleportation beam then exploded, causing a massive fire which quickly burnt the entirety of the tower. Of this tragic event there were only two survivors; Perien and Kelavan. The former blamed the destruction of the tower on the Red Wizards due to the involvement of the demon. A Saradominist party soon reconstructed the tower and Perien, as archmage, disbanded its orders and decided to banish Zamorakians from practising magic or joining the new tower. He sealed off the ruins to the old tower using a special music spell, which was in line with the thesis he was writing: The Harmony of the Runes.

Ruins of the old tower...

The tower then proceeded to successfully implement a teleportation beam and a massive amount of new teleportation spells followed, including one to the rune essence mine (Senventior disthine molenko). As such, the art of runecrafting became almost exclusively Saradominist. The wizards of the tower also established a Lodestone Network, allowing people to teleport to "lodestones" in major settlements without the use of runes after the lodestones' activation. On an related matter, Azacorax re-appeared and the Saradominist wizards attempted to destroy him. He simply re-appeared in the exact same spot, however, and, despite the wizards' best efforts, could not be banished. As such, a protective barrier was built around him, trapping the demon and rendering him harmless. Some time after Perien's passing, the wizards began to feel affection towards the demon, patronisingly calling him Lemmy or Timmy. A post was instated to tend the demon as well.

Angry at Perien's betrayal, Kelavan founded the Sacred Tradition of the Staff of Fire, a Zamorakian organisation aiming to overthrow the Saradominists of the tower. These Zamorakians were a minority, however, and magic was practised almost exclusively by Saradominists throughout most of Gielinor, save some minor orders of dark wizards, chaos druids and Zamorakian monks. During this time, other organisations were also founded. Most notable is the Zamorakian Magical Institute, who, under the disguise of being the Zoological Magical Institute, are currently attempting to steal the rune essence teleportation spells from the tower. In addition, the ZMI at some point claimed the mysterious Ourania Runecrafting Altar for themselves, where they are now crafting runes with essence they somehow managed to obtain.

For reasons currently unknown, the destruction of the First Wizards' Tower entered the Temple Knights' records as Operation:Phoenix, a supposed offence of Zamorakians wherein they burnt down the tower. It's possible that Perien or other Saradominists made this up to make the Zamorakians look bad, or perhaps the Temple Knights are misinformed. In addition, a memoire in Varrock Palace Library known as A True and Concise History of the Discovery of the Runes also describes the followers of Zamorak as "evil" and not worthy of magic.

The War of 164[edit | edit source]

Castimir, one of the tower's apprentices who was travelling the world at the time, participated in the Battle of the Monastery and the Siege of Falador, acquiring fame in the process. The tower also sent one of its eldest wizards, the very old Master Segainus, to defend Falador against Lord Sulla's army. However, while he was charging a powerful fire spell from the wall of the city during the battle, he was unable to control the magic and it overtook him, killing the wizard.

Recent developments[edit | edit source]

The modern-day Mage Training Arena, reconstructed under Sedridor's leadership.

As time progressed, the Wizards' Tower grew in success. Under Archmage Sedridor, an especially large amount of events took place. Sedridor himself is notable for having decided to rebuild the Mage Training Arena when he was rather drunk on wizard mind bombs, seeing that the Fremennik had destroyed it on their raids. In the final decade of the Fifth Age, the tower's supremacy was recognised even in the far west of Kandarin, when King Narnode Shareen of the Tree Gnome Stronghold sent one of his ambassadors, Professor Onglewip, to the tower to study human magic. In 169, the Runecrafting Guild was founded in a large tower in the realm of Runespan, a plane where runic energies are purer than on Gielinor. Its leader was Wizard Elriss, whose current studies include the theory surrounding the legendary Stone of Jas. During this time, Wizard Beenay put forward his famous theory of light, which, when coupled with Lefebvre equations, can be used to calculate the energies released during runecrafting.

Zenevivia and Dionysius' attempt to rob the Wizards' Tower.

The Wizards' Tower also became the target of a minor-scale robbery performed by the aged but very powerful mages Dionysius and Zenevivia, who were short on runes and attempted to rob the tower, after Dionysius' previous successful robbery of the Draynor Bank to acquire money. The tower was informed minutes before the robbery was to take place and Sedridor, along with Grayzag, Mizgog and Traiborn, prepared the defences. When Zenevivia attempted to picklock the door, Sedridor kicked it open from the inside and proceeded to duel Dionysius using Water Wave. Traiborn quickly ran away from the tower, looking for a thingummywut. Meanwhile, Mizgog immediately fled after one hit with Blood Barrage by Zenevivia and Grayzag summoned five imps to take her down. They were easily killed, however, and Grayzag teleported away. As the robbers were about to defeat Sedridor, Traiborn triumphantly returned and summoned a Thingummywut, to everyone's surprise. He and Sedridor quickly backed away while it fired extremely rapid Earth Surges at the robbers, who had to face defeat and flee.

Also in 169, the tower officially sued the barbarians of Gunnarsgrunn for the damage caused by the Runecrafting Crusades, specifically the destruction of the Mage Training Arena. A barbarian woman and a representative of the tower were dispatched to Seers' Village Courthouse for the trial. The wizards demanded to be refunded by the Fremennik tribes for the damage. After interviews with the Moonclan mage Baba Yaga, Olaf the Bard and the arena's entrance guardian, an adventurer was able to either defend or prosecute the Fremennik. Whatever the outcome of the court case, it likely marks the last affair surrounding the Runecrafting Crusades.

That same year, a young tower wizard put forward his latest discoveries, which led to a wave of shock amongst the wizards, especially in the Runecrafting Guild. Wizard Finix theorised that the runecrafting altars currently being used to infuse rune essence with energy are finite. Id est, their magical energy is bound to run out some day, which would render humans without runes. Finix evoked huge duscussion among his superiors, especially because what he suspected seemed true. The guild immediately dispatched a party of their runecrafters to other areas of the Runespan. They also welcomed adventurers to come and help siphon runic energy from magical essence creatures in the Runespan into essence, essentially devising another way to runecraft. Since the magical purity of the Runespan is much higher than Gielinor's, this technique is sufficient to keep mankind going for centuries to come even if the altars run out. Despite this, fierce discussion is taking place between those that support and oppose Finix' theory. Guild wizards have also travelled to each runecrafting altar to study their properties, the one at the Ourania Runecrafting Altar even disguised as a Zamorakian mage, to avoid being thrown out by the ZMI.

The decorated tower in a pocket dimension, ready for the feast.
The Wizards' Tower's Christmas feast turns out to be great after all the trouble.

In Wintumber, Sedridor finally managed to talk the Wizards' Guild of Yanille into allowing the tower wizards to host the annual wizard Christmas banquet. The years before, the guild wizards had always hosted it with exquisite spectacle, such as a turkey dancing on the dinner table. This time, the tower wizards wanted to prove their worth to the mocking guild. Sedridor created a duplicate tower in a pocket dimension for the event to take place, as it would require no cleaning after the party; the Christmas tower could simply be destroyed. As festivities drew nearer, however, problems arose for the tower. The guild wizards Distentor, Zavistic and Frumscone arrived early, condescending the preparations. In addition, Wizard Grayzag's imp waiters had taken off with his hat and run amok in the tower, while Isidor could not get the snow in the banquet hall working. Sioncorn's living Christmas decorations caused havoc in the attic and Kris and Kringle could not get the cooking right. The librarian Sinterklaas was dispatched to recruit an adventurer to help with the preparations and, eventually, everything was ready in time for the feast to commence, except for a Battle of Snowmen between Grayzag and Frumscone, and the guild wizards had to acknowledge their equal at the feast. Aside from the usual guests, the wizards of the Runecrafting Guild, Thormac the sorcerer, Aubury and others were invited as well.

Attempt to Destroy the Tower[edit | edit source]

Borann is attacked by a red vortex from below.
Old Tower map.png
The following takes place during Rune Mysteries and Rune Memories.

Some time afterwards, the greatest threat to the tower since its destruction a century ago presented itself when Ariane, a young sorceress and seer who had been banished from the tower several years prior, had a vision of the tower in flames. She quickly travelled to the tower to warn the wizards of the impending doom, but Wizard Valina would not let her in despite her warnings. An adventurer then arrived and agreed to help Ariane, but she suddenly realised the danger was imminent. Immediately, a red vortex shot up through the teleportation beam and began spinning around the library, even attacking Wizard Borann, who began screaming for help. Ariane was warded off by a force field, being banished, so the adventurer had to save Borann by luring the vortex into the teleportation beam and sending it back down. When Sedridor heard of this, he passed his thanks to Ariane and decided to heed her warning and perform an "Icyenic Purge", a very powerful spell that could be used to rid the beam of all corruption.

A staircase leading deeper into the tower ruins.

Ariane thought otherwise, however, and, with the help of her old mentor Wizard Ellaron, the adventurer and she unlocked the ruins of the first tower and entered them to investigate. At the base of the teleportation beam, they discovered several more of these vortices and Ariane began examining them. She concluded there used to be an enchantment to prevent them from ascending the beam, but someone recently removed it. She also realised the vortices weren't ghosts but fragments of the old wizards' souls, who seemed to have literally put part of their soul into the beam to create some sort of magical effect. Ariane then began replacing the protective enchantment, while the adventurer attempted to stop Borann, Sedridor, Ellaron and Traiborn from casting the Icyenic Purge. They failed, but Ariane managed to protect the beam just in time before the Purge could cause anything disastrous.

Ariane prevents Ellaron from harming the adventurer using a fire spell.

Ariane and the adventurer returned to the vortices to study them more, but Ariane accidentally got stuck inside the beam, unable to get out. She figured they could use specially prepared runes to invoke the memories of the souls. This succeeded, and the adventurer managed to unlock the memories of the wizards, finding out how the tower was destroyed, from Kelavan's conversation with Mei up to and including the faulty ritual. While in the orders' studies, the adventurer also found a strange diary which spoke of a plot to destroy the Wizards' Tower. When the memory of the ritual began, Ariane was released from the beam and the duo began watching the ritual. As Zanmaron died, however, the actual teleportation beam acted the same as a hundred years ago and fired a powerful spell, which hit Ariane, putting her into a magical coma. The shocked adventurer quickly exited the ruins and went to see Wizard Ellaron, who was standing at the entrance to the tower.

They quickly told them what had happened, and Ellaron, while acting worried at first, soon let slip that the "accident" had been his intention. To the adventurer's shock, Ellaron revealed to be the author of the diary and the cause of the vortex attack. He had manipulated Ariane into going to investigate, and now the eight souls would enter her body and she would explode due to the immense amount of magic inside her, destroying the tower in the process. He explained his motive to be vengeance, for he was a descendant of Kelavan the Red and the heir to the Sacred Tradition of the Staff of Fire. Since Perien banished Zamorakians from the second tower, Ellaron felt it necessary to get revenge and destroy it - again. He advised the adventurer to leave before the event, but they remained and witnessed a magic-loaded Ariane floating up through the beam, devastated by her old mentor's betrayal.

The adventurer and Ariane found a way to extract the souls from Ariane's body in time, triggering Ellaron's anger. When Ariane was brought to safety on the roof of the tower, the souls possessed Ellaron instead, who seemed fine with dying to reduce the tower to ruins. The souls, however, had other intentions and cooperated to teleport Ellaron to the Abyss, to the latter's terror. Ellaron was whisked away and presumably exploded somewhere in the Abyss, where no harm could be done, saving the Wizards' Tower from its demise.

Floors of the tower[edit | edit source]

The entrance to the modern-day Wizards' Tower.

The tower itself consists of at least seven floors, built upon the ruins of the previous tower, although the floors between the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] and the roof need special clearance to access; as such, anyone from outside the tower going up from the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] will end up on the roof. Instead of stairs, the famous teleportation beam can be used to float up or down to different floors, right through the ceiling. The tower contains a few notable people and is also one of the few locations that acts as a point to multiple other dimensions. Isidor, located on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US], can teleport players to the plane of the Land of SnowArchmage Sedridor is on the second floor, and can teleport to the magically locked rune essence mine in the frozen fields of the north. Finally, on the roof, there is a portal to the Runecrafting Guild, as well as two portals to the Runespan (high level and low level).

ground floor[UK]1st floor[US][edit | edit source]

The ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] contains one of the tower's two libraries, overseen by Wizard Borann. The entrance to the tower has a small portal where the entrance clerk, Valina, notes all visitors in a book. She may also deny access should this be necessary. There are a number of students on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US]. Professor Onglewip is also located here. Finally, the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] has a large organ, put there by Archmage Perien - it contains the locking mechanism for the ruins of the first tower. The library is also a spot for two hard clue scroll spots: one tells you to look at the bookcases and the other to talk with Onglewip. Outside the tower is a spot for an easy clue scroll and a fairy ring.

The library contains rotatable, floating bookcases, and the following books may be found when searching them:

1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US][edit | edit source]

On this floor, one can find several wizards. There is Wizard Jalarast, who can make splitbark equipment when given the proper supplies. It also contains the studies of several wizards of the tower, as well as several elemental nodes from the Runespan captured there. The northern balcony contains a large armillary. One can also find Wizard Mizgog, Wizard Grayzag or Taloram, Wizard Isidor, and Wizard Ilona there, in addition to several students. Azacorax is located in the eastern room, still trapped behind his magical barrier. After Rune Memories you can talk to it when you have 50 Magic and 50 Prayer and either get 10,000 Magic or Prayer experience points.

2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US][edit | edit source]

The 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] is used exclusively as office for the senior tower wizards. Wizard Ellaron and Traiborn have their studies there, and Archmage Sedridor is also seated here. The northern balcony contains a very large telescope. Aside from the offices, this floor contains a room with several bookcases. Sedridor may teleport people to the Rune Essence mine free of charge.

Other floors[edit | edit source]

According to Wizard Sinterklaas, he is a librarian on the 7th floor[UK]8th floor[US] of the tower, which is not accessible by non-tower wizards. Wizard Sioncorn also speaks of an attic, which is enchanted so that only staff can see and access it, for security reasons. It is currently unknown what or whom the 3rd floor[UK]4th floor[US] and above contain, except that there is at least one more library. The attic contains several shelves with books, notes, scrolls and potions stored there. Finally, the Wizards' Tower contains a large basement with an underground kitchen and supply rooms, as seen during the Christmas banquet. However, it seems this basement is not accessible under normal circumstances.

Roof[edit | edit source]

The portals to the Runespan and the Runecrafting Guild are located on the roof, along with a bank chest. The large blue portal leads to the guild, while the smaller red and green ones lead to other areas of the Runespan. Being so high, the roof is quite windy and chilly. It gives a magnificent view of the tower's surroundings. Additionally, one can find Wizard Finix up here, who is awaiting entry to the Runecrafting Guild. While the teleportation beam goes higher, it is not possible to ascend further. Using a wicked hood's teleport option will lead here.

Wizards of the tower[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

Layte Aubury[edit | edit source]

Aubury chathead.png

Layte Aubury is a senior wizard of the tower and acts as its representative in Varrock. His job is to make sure the order is properly represented in King Roald III's court and that the crown's support is maintained. He also owns a rune store in the city and knows the teleport spell to the rune essence mine.[4]

Borann[edit | edit source]

Wizard Borann chathead.png

Borann is the librarian on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the tower. He seems quite old, but Borann is one of the tower's most respected wizards and a senior wizard. Being a librarian, he enjoys tranquillity and can be easily irritated when the adjacent organ is played too loudly. When Ellaron first sent the soul of a Red Wizard up the teleportation beam, it caused havoc in the library and even attacked Borann, who screamed murder about being assaulted by monsters from the Abyss. He was rescued by an adventurer and rewarded them his staff, a tower mindspike. Later, he performed an Icyenic Purge along with Sedridor, Traiborn and Ellaron to "cleanse" the beam.

Finix[edit | edit source]

Wizard Finix chathead.png

Finix is a young student at the tower who made his breakthrough in 169. He proposed his theory that runecrafting altars are not endless in their magical energy; while vast, it will run out some day. This came as worrying news to the Runecrafting Guild, which could not disprove the theories. Thankfully, Finix discovered a new way to craft runes, namely by extracting pure magical energy from the surrounding environment and siphoning it into rune essence. This, he figured, could best be done in the Runespan.

The guild wizards immediately commenced this process outside their guild and it seemed to work. Finix is recruiting adventurers to help with the process, and offers wicked robes as a reward for their troubles. He is currently waiting on the tower's roof until Wizard Elriss finds time to speak with him.

Ilona[edit | edit source]

Wizard Ilona chathead.png

Ilona is a young student from Lumbridge. In 169, she was kidnapped by her fellow student and cultist Caitlin to be sacrificed in a ritual to open the necromancer Dragith Nurn's workshop, filled with dangerous monsters, under the Lumbridge Catacombs. She was rescued just in time by an adventurer, however, although the cult's leader Reese committed suicide to open the workshop anyway. Unlike what he had planned, however, Lumbridge was not overrun by undead, who simply roamed beneath the workshop instead.

After the incident, Ilona fully recovered from the event and re-joined the tower. There, she either specialised in stun and bind spells or elemental spells, to be able to repel any assailants in the future. She is located on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US], near the armillary sphere.

Isidor[edit | edit source]

Wizard Isidor chathead.png

Isidor is the younger brother of Archmage Sedridor and an expert on teleportation magic. His study is located on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] in the western wing. Isidor is fairly forgetful and often needs to be reminded of teleportation phrases. Such was the case, for example, with ectosum glissendo, the chant to get to the Land of Snow. Isidor's acquaintance Explorer Jack needed an adventurer to go there, but Isidor, as usual, forgot the chant. During 169's Christmas banquet, Isidor was responsible for covering the basement in snow, but he had some troubles and required help.

Jalarast[edit | edit source]

Wizard Jalarast chathead.png

Jalarast is an apprentice of Traiborn's and an expert on magical armour. She is able to craft splitbark armour using the bark of hollow trees from the Haunted Woods of Morytania if provided with the materials and some restitution for the service. Jalarast used to be male, but she visited the Makeover Mage to become a woman. Her paper about the runes required to cast water spells and the evolution of the technique to harness the runes' power for the spell may be found in one of the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] library's bookcases. She holds Wizard Borann in low regard, claiming him to be too old and irritable for the job. Jalarast may be found on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the tower.

Mizgog[edit | edit source]

Wizard Mizgog chathead.png

Mizgog is a timid and stuttering wizard and "beadromancer", studying and deriving his power from magical beads. Unfortunately for him, the imps of Grayzag and Taloram are attracted to beads above all else and often steal them, making a mess of his office while at it. To add insult to injury, the two wizards often order their imps to pester Mizgog.

Mizgog attempted to defend the tower from the attacks of Dionysius and Zenevivia but fled in agony, screaming for his mother, upon the first sight of active combat. He justified this by stating he is not a battle wizard, but at the tower to unravel the mysteries of the universe (specifically, beads). He also sells amulets of accuracy to those who have helped him retrieve his beads from Grayzag's imps. During the preparations for the Christmas banquet, he got a moment to mock Grayzag himself now, making fun of his hat being stolen by his own imps.

Archmage Sedridor[edit | edit source]

Archmage Sedridor chathead.png

Sedridor is the current archmage of the Wizards' Tower, and a very powerful magician. His office is on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] and he is very enthusiastic, welcoming visitors to the tower and telling them its history. He will also teleport anyone to the Rune Essence mine upon request. Sedridor is quite old, but nevertheless adept at combat. This was evident during the Wizards' Tower Robbery, when he kicked the door open, blowing Zenevivia a metre away, and was able to hold his own duelling Dionysius afterwards, who is one of the most powerful mages alive.

Sedridor rules with justice, but has made multiple mistakes during his period as archmage, not having seen the true intentions of dangerous wizards as Caitlin, Grayzag and Ellaron, while banishing others for extremely minor things, as was the case with Ariane and Daniel.

When Ellaron's red vortex he had sent to attack the tower's library had been dealt with, Sedridor decided to purify the teleportation beam using an Icyenic Purge, an extremely difficult spell to perform. Together with Traiborn, Borann and Ellaron (who was acting along), he managed to do this, once again proving his prowess in magic.

Sinterklaas[edit | edit source]

Wizard Sinterklaas chathead.png

Sinterklaas is the librarian of the 7th floor[UK]8th floor[US] and as such he cannot be found by anyone not working at the tower. He helped organise the Christmas banquet of 169 by hiring help and overseeing the preparations. He seems fairly forgetful and somewhat clumsy. His robes are red, unlike most wizards' and he has long, white hair with a goatee.

Sioncorn[edit | edit source]

Wizard Sioncorn chathead.png

Sioncorn is the only known non-human wizard of the tower. She is a fairy from Zanaris, and works on one of the higher floors of the tower. As such, she cannot be found by visitors. During the Christmas banquet, she was in charge of the decorations, but the magically enchanted baubles and tinsel snakes escaped and began jumping around the tower's attic. She required help to herd them back together again, but managed to decorate the tower in time for the banquet nonetheless.

Taloram[edit | edit source]

Wizard Taloram chathead.png

Taloram is the keeper of Azacorax and the replacement for Wizard Grayzag after the latter's demise at the hand of the Knight Order Alliance of 169. He is very much like his predecessor, being rude, grumpy and having a grudge with Mizgog. In addition, he is also a "master of imps" and thus possibly adept at demonology.

Traiborn[edit | edit source]

Wizard Traiborn chathead.png

Traiborn is a very strange and seemingly crazy senior wizard. He is most known for his obsession with supposedly nonexistent creatures he calls Thingummywuts, even going so far as mistaking people talking to him for Thingummywuts. He claims them to be pesky creatures causing havoc in the tower, although he says not being able to remember whether they are real, a myth or a figment of his imagination. In addition, he sometimes forgets being a wizard but is very offended when he is told he isn't one. He also seems to believe sheep are very cunning and part of an evil conspiracy.

Nevertheless, he seems to be an established wizard and even has an apprentice, Jalarast. Dionysius describes him as powerful and one of the reasons he held off his attempt to rob the tower. When he and his girlfriend Zenevivia eventually did rob the tower, Traiborn proved to be their demise; as the skirmish began, he ran off to find a Thingummywut and returned after a few moments, claiming to have found one. He placed some sort of object on the ground that summoned a towering high Thingummywut, which proceeded to attack the robbers and ultimately scared them away. However, Traiborn seems unable to recount these events and, when reminded how he summoned a Thingummywut that could not be properly seen from Dionysius' telescope, he proceeds to look out for invisible Thingummywuts in the tower.

Triharde[edit | edit source]

Triharde is a wizard who worked on the Kipple project. Nothing else is known about him.

Valina[edit | edit source]

Wizard Valina chathead.png

Valina is located behind her desk at the entrance to the tower. She is an expert on elven crystal and crystal magic but currently acts as entrance clerk, administering visitors and preventing those who have been banished from the tower from going inside. Valina is an old wizard; friendly, but strict. She also gives a short recap on the tower's main points of interests.

Former[edit | edit source]

Ariane[edit | edit source]

Ariane chathead.png

Ariane is a young sorceress from Seers' Village. Being from a family of seers, she too has precognitive powers. She joined the Wizards' Tower some time around 160, where she shared a room with Caitlin. She was a lot better than her fellow students and was offered tutorship by senior Wizard Ellaron, who would train her and help her develop her gift. At some point she told Caitlin about her power, who then spread the word to all the other students, who became jealous and began to pick on Ariane. Nevertheless, Ariane was one of the best trainees the tower had ever had and Sedridor expected her to succeed him as archmage one day. After some time, she was spotted talking with Azacorax and Sedridor, thinking her to be demon worshipper, had to banish her from the tower.

With the help of an adventurer, she managed to uncover the secrets of how the first tower was destroyed and exposed Ellaron as a Red Wizard attempting to destroy the tower. Ellaron then almost killed Ariane by having the souls of several wizards of the first tower possess her, but those were driven out and entered Ellaron instead, teleporting him to the Abyss, where he exploded.

Caitlin[edit | edit source]

Caitlin chathead.png

Caitlin is a fairly cruel wizard who joined the Wizards' Tower in the late Fifth Age. She shared a room with Ariane, and told all of the other students about her ability to foresee the future when she took Caitlin into confidence. Some time later, she discovered the writings of Dragith Nurn, a necromancer from Lumbridge who had studied at the tower, which had miraculously survived the tower's destruction. The notes spoke of Dragith's workshop underneath the Lumbridge Catacombs which contained many undead and corrupted beasts. Along with Reese, she decided to unlock this workshop and take over Lumbridge and together they convinced the timid archer Kayle to join them; the trio proceeded to form a blood pact.

Castimir[edit | edit source]

Castimir is a wizard originally born in Rimmington. In the year 164, he was sent to Taverley, after having spent some time in the Fremennik Province and picked up a yak, and met up with the alchemist Ebenezer, the werewolf youth Gar'rth and his childhood friend and White Knight squire Theodore. He travelled with Ebenezer and Gar'rth to Barbarian Village, where he met up with Theodore again in pursuit of Kara-Meir. After she refused to return to Falador and prevented Gar'rth from being attacked, a priestess named Arisha joined the group and they travelled to Edgeville Monastery. While there, Zamorakian forces attacked, trapping Castimir in the monastery. He superheated the door hinges and joined Ebenezer in battling the werewolf Jerrod, entangling him long enough for Ebenezer to throw a bomb and cover their escape. Castimir went to Falador and joined the forces of the Tower in the Siege of Falador, where the wizard master Segainus fell in battle. Castimir stole the books following his death. Castimir joined his friends at the Midsummer's Eve festival in Varrock. He called by Aubury to find out the results of his thesis and was declared a full wizard. During their stay, the palace where the dance was held was infiltrated by a wyrd. Castimir was among those who tried to fight the creature off, and also burned Captain Rovin's hands when he tried to attack Gar'rth for being a werewolf. He travelled to Canifis as part of an embassy, where he discovered that the werewolves held a book similar to that of Segainus', which he stole when the village was attacked. He helped his friends fight off the werewolves, but was ultimately captured. He was set free along with the rest of his friends, and with the Myrque group hidden at Hope Rock attempted to fly back to Misthalin. When the balloon crashed over the river, he was escorted back to the palace, where he was arrested by Captain Rovin on orders of the Tower for the crime of theft. He was badly beaten while in prison, and during his trial was judged by Aubury, Seridor and Grayzag. He was found guilty of the theft and expelled from the tower but was spared the harsher punishment of death. Aubury called him after his expulsion and equipped him as a rogue mage, explaining how, although his career with the Tower was over, the Tower would still be making use of him. He took this opportunity to further pursue his relationship with Arisha, unknowingly impregnating her. He joined her and the barbarian Kuhn in attempting to locate some rune essence. The only known supply was held by the Untainted at the Mountain of Fire in the Wilderness. The three of them travelled to the Mountain, where they found the essence. During the night, Kuhn and Arisha made off with the essence, killing one of the Untainted. Castimir snuck out with the Untainted. After the Kinshra mage Hazlard killed many of the Untainted, he joined up with them, along with Kuhn and Arisha, who had fallen sick. They fled to the Wilderness Labyrinth, but were forced to hand Arisha over in order to leave with the essence. He took part in the Second Battle of the Salve, helping to reinforce the river. He left Misthalin when Gar'rth was banished, heading for the Fremennik Province in a bid to rescue Arisha.

Clarence[edit | edit source]

Clarence was a young scholar who at one point joined the Wizards' Tower. However, he soon left for the Wizards' Guild, where he became the assistant to Zavistic Rarve and began the New Order Occult Bookists. In 168, he was approached by the entrepreneur Sandy, who had recently started a sand delivery business, and asked to cast a mind control spell on Sandy's employees so that they would work more for less, in return for a large sum of money. Over the course of the following months, however, Clarence began to grow a feeling of guilt, especially after becoming familiar with the wizards' rules and policies. He travelled to Sandy's office in Brimhaven, where he was brutally murdered by Sandy, for he did not wish to lose his profits. The pieces of his body were subsequently spread around the Jade Vine Maze and various shipments of sand.

In Raktuber, one of Sandy's employees found Clarence's severed hand and Sandy was arrested after a short investigation led by Zavistic and an adventurer. Afterwards, another hand was found in a smelly package of the RPDT and the adventurer found all other parts of Clarence's body, save one of his feet, in the Jade Vine Maze. This, along with Sandy's diary, provided the Seers' Village Courthouse with sufficient evidence to punish Sandy for the murder, while Clarence's body parts received a proper burial at the guild.

Pablo Corvusa[edit | edit source]

Wizard Corvusa was an accomplished employee of the tower who was recently killed by Xenia.

H.A.M. agent Daniel[edit | edit source]

H.A.M. agent Daniel chathead.png

Daniel was a young wizard from Misthalin who joined the Wizards' Tower near the end of the Fifth Age. At some point, he was given a simple task to fulfil in Draynor Village. On his way there, however, he was assaulted by a party of goblins who mugged him of his possessions, including all of his runes. When he returned empty-handed, Sedridor became quite angry, seeing that the rune supply was very low at the time. Daniel was subsequently expelled from the tower, with a permanent hatred for goblins. He joined the Humans Against Monsters cult in Lumbridge, who seek to cleanse the world of monsters and establish humans as the single dominant race.

Dragith Nurn[edit | edit source]

Mask of Dragith Nurn detail.png

Originally from the Saradominist town of Lumbridge, Dragith Nurn gained interest in darker sides of magic after joining the tower. Soon, he became Zamorakian and began practising necromancy. He built a workshop under the Lumbridge cemetery, where he performed gruesome experiments on stolen corpses, re-animating them to undead and warped monsters. Eventually, he cast a spell on himself that would resurrect him as a zombie when he would die, so that he could live on forever.

Even after the tower's destruction, he continued with his work, keeping it secret from his colleagues. A young woman named Xenia discovered in 129 and, rather than alerting the authorities, she convinced him of his horrors and Dragith converted to Saradominism. He made an agreement with the Lumbridge Chapel to build a set of catacombs on top of his workshop, to hide the latter and bury the dead peacefully. When they were nearly finished, he cast a spell to seal off his workshop after hiding himself in it. Eventually, he died there and was indeed reanimated, but, because he had sealed the workshop, he could cause no harm. Eventually, the workshop's existence was forgotten entirely.

In 169, however, Caitlin came across Dragith's notes and made a deal with an acolyte of the church, Reese, to open the workshop and release its monstrositirs upon Lumbridge. With the timid archer Kayle, they made a blood pact and kidnapped Ilona, a student at the tower, planning to sacrifice her and unlock the workshop. Their plans were foiled by Xenia, now a retired adventurer and a young adventurer, however, and Ilona was rescued, but Reese was killed (or committed suicide), opening Dragith's workshop anyway. There, his corpse still lumbers on.

Ellaron[edit | edit source]

Wizard Ellaron chathead.png

Ellaron is a middle-aged senior wizard, grandmaster into the Order of Saradomin and an initiate into the Inner Circle of Rune Mysteries. He was Ariane's mentor when she joined the tower and offered to help develop her precognitive skills. However, all of this was a ruse, since Ellaron is really the heir to the Sacred Tradition of the Staff of Fire and the last true Red Wizard. He is the grandson or great-grandson of Kelavan the Red himself.

In 169, he set his plan to avenge his order and Kelavan for what Archmage Perien had done in motion. He unlocked the ruins of the first tower and broke the enchantment that kept the soul vortices of the old wizards there, causing one of them, either Kelavan's or Zanmaron's soul, to ascend the teleportation beam and attack the tower. It was quickly removed before inflicting any serious damage, though. He then manipulated his former apprentice Ariane into investigating the old ruins, causing her to eventually get stuck in the teleportation beam. She eventually got into a magical coma due to this and was possessed by the eight souls. It was at this point that Ellaron revealed his plans to destroy the Wizards' Tower by having Ariane explode in it. An adventurer rescued Ariane, however, and the souls took possession of Ellaron instead before teleporting him to the Abyss, where he was presumably torn apart by the massive amounts of magical energy himself.

Melville Grayzag[edit | edit source]

Wizard Grayzag chathead.png

Wizard Melville Grayzag joined the tower at some point in the late fifteenth decade of the Fifth Age, part of his duties being to tend Azacorax. In addition, Melville practised his summoning of imps - the second weakest kind of demon. The other tower wizards ridiculed "Lamezag" for his pathetic imps, which, unbeknownst to them, triggered his deepest anger. Melville began a study to prove his worth as summoner and have vengeance on the tower and eventually stumbled upon the story of the Valluta, supposedly a legendary weapon responsible for protecting Gielinor from invasion of the void pests.

Melville began experimenting with portal magic on deserted islands in the Southern Sea, summoning vast armies of pests. However, Admiral Dracs Melrose saw it as his duty to re-found the Guthixian order of Void Knights, who were disbanded after the God Wars, and they began fighting off the hordes of pests. Over the course of twenty years, hundreds of Void Knights lost their lives to the pests. In 169, when an adventurer helped Wizard Mizgog retrieve his beads which had been stolen by Melville's imps, the latter's anger became complete. He set in motion his mastermind plan, which involved stealing an alive void leech from the Void Knights' Outpost with the help of Jessika, to whom he pretended to be a benevolent "Professor Melville", so that he could use it to manipulate the Kinshra into producing the leech's life force-draining goo en masse.

Jessika[edit | edit source]

Jessika chathead.png

Jessika is a young researcher who studied at the Wizards' Tower. She is particularly interested in void pests and made a special arrangement with the Void Knights to study them at their outpost. After some research, she began writing a thesis, although her void pest research notes is the best she has got so far. In 169, she made a secret deal with Professor Melville from the tower to supply him a living pest for his research. She did not know, however, that this was actually the insane madman Grayzag, who planned to use the pest to summon the Pest Queen to the world. Jessika successfully stole a void leech and released it onto the mainland.

Master Segainus[edit | edit source]

Master Segainus was an elder wizard of the tower until 164, when he was sent to Falador, capital of Asgarnia, to aid them fight off the Kinshra in the War of 164. He perished in the Siege of Falador after attempting to cast a fire spell, but made it too powerful for him to control. His spellbooks were later illegally taken by Castimir.

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Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • ninja 12 October 2020 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue where Uri would spawn beneath the player while on the bridge to the Wizard's Tower.
  • patch 3 August 2020 (Update):
    • Removed some blocking from the Wizards tower bridge.
  • ninja 6 February 2017 (Update):
    • Added an "Ascend to top floor" and "Descend to bottom floor" options to the Wizard's Tower.
  • patch 12 September 2016 (Update):
    • Removed some blocking in the Wizards Tower which blocked the completion of certain clue scrolls.
  • patch 7 March 2016 (Update):
    • Removed some blocking in the Wizards’ Tower which was interfering with the completion of certain clue scrolls.
  • patch 10 September 2013 (Update):
    • Height mapping issues on top of the Wizards' Tower have been fixed.
  • patch 4 March 2013 (Update):
    • Players are now prevented from moving off of the stool while playing the Wizards’ Tower organ.
  • patch 14 January 2013 (Update):
    • A D&D map icon has been removed near the Wizards Tower.
  • patch 19 December 2012 (Update):
    • Players are no longer restricted from teleporting from the southern end of the Wizards Tower due to an obsolete Tutorial Island check.
  • patch 11 December 2012 (Update):
    • Some flickering issues in the Wizards' Tower have been fixed.
  • patch 6 September 2011 (Update):
    • Some tree icons on upper levels of houses and the Wizard's Tower have been removed.
  • patch 19 April 2011 (Update):
    • Some item clipping issues and occlusion issues on the Wizards’ Tower bridge have been fixed.
  • patch 7 September 2010 (Update):
    • Items were hard to see when dropped on the causeway to the Wizards’ Tower.
  • patch 11 January 2010 (Update):
    • Removed a few extra skulls from the Wizards' Tower’s basement.
  • patch 9 November 2009 (Update):
    • Ensure hit splats always show on players when attacked by wizards near the Wizards' Tower, even if it's a 0.
  • patch 12 May 2009 (Update):
    • A rug in the Wizards’ Tower no longer renders through your feet.
  • update 8 April 2009 (Update):
    • Stopped flames in the Wizards' Tower rendering through the floor above.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On 28 November 2012, the Wizards' Tower and all of its wizards received a massive graphical update. It became much taller and larger (taking up the space previously used by Tutorial Island, which was removed with the same update), and its music was reworked as well, in addition to all wizards receiving voice acting. The quest Rune Mysteries was completely reworked as well, and given a direct sequel, Rune Memories. This expanded a lot on the history of the Wizards' Tower, especially its destruction. A most notable change is that, previously, the entire art of runecrafting was lost for a century with the destruction of the tower.
  • The Wizards' Tower is referenced in Armies of Gielinor. At one point during the Third Age, Guthixian druids built a tower for magical research on the island where the current tower is. Saradominist forces attacked it, desiring to secure the arcane secrets for themselves. Although the tower was well-defended by the druids, aided by cannons, moss giants and other military units, the Saradominists eventually succeeded in taking over the tower, where they would presumably perform their own research.
  • According to the map of DeviousMUD, the forerunner to RuneScape, the Wizards' Tower was originally to be called "Warlocks Tower".
  • The symbol of the Ancient Egyptian god Horus used to be above the entrance, before the graphics update. This symbol (as a hieroglyph) also meant "wisdom" or (more appropriately) "magic".
  • When searching the bookcases in the Wizards' Tower your character will read random book titles, one of which being "So you Think you're a Mage?". This could be a reference to the "So you think you're a Wizard?" skit from The Hollywood Show.
  • With the release of RuneScape 3 and consequently with the Battle of Lumbridge, the image of the game lobby portrays the tower of the magi in the background, with a strange purple orb on top.
  • A coat rack has the examine "White capes have gone out of fashion in the tower, but it looks like one wizard has kept one around."; this is a reference to the wizards' previous appearance before the tower received a graphical rework.

References[edit | edit source]

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