Count Ludwig Koppenploppen

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Count Ludwig Koppenploppen chathead.png

Count Ludwig Koppenploppen is a character who features in the Pieces of Hate quest.

He is first seen outside the Rock Island Prison, where the player attempts to call Baron von Hattenkrapper but calls him instead. He is insulted by the player's comments and demands more fish. The player takes advantage of him by throwing a fish through the cell door, prompting him to chase three guards out of the prison.

He's later seen on Waiko where he's managed to charm Steven's wife, though she was lonely due to Steven not making contact with her for prolonged periods of time, and as such believed him to be unfaithful. The player manages to have Steven's wife break up with him by obtaining evidence from other seagulls to prove that he was even worse of a partner than Steven.

Ludwig is considered to be a bully by many seagulls, though he somehow manages to appeal to female ones due to his "charms". He is proud of his notoriety amongst his own kind.

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