One-Eyed Hector

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For other characters named Hector, see Hector (disambiguation).

Captain One-Eyed Hector was a pirate captain, being rather successful and wealthy.[1] He had a room at the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock,[2] and a casket of treasure buried in Falador Park.

He was one of five captains who attacked This Albatross and Rabid Jack at the Battle of the Archipelago, alongside captains Braindeath, Izzy No-Beard, Bill Teach and Brass Hand Harry.[3] They swore the events to secrecy and charged Young Ralph with keeping memory of the events.[4]

In Year 168 of the Fifth Age, his ship was boarded by agents from the Customs and Excise Office, and he was killed along with most of his crew. His boatswain Redbeard Frank managed to escape, taking Hector's chest key with him.[1][5] Frank was permitted to give a mark in Hector's place in order for Young Ralph to divulge the events of the Battle of the Archipelago.

References[edit | edit source]

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