Soul vampyres

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Soul vampyres is a book found on the floor in the building just north of the entrance inside the town of Goshima where it can be read.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Soul vampyre. Eater of Souls. The Stiff Corpse. Jiangshi. Grotesque. Life Siphon. Cursed Corruptor.

Many names, many epithets, many myths are attributed to these unfortunate beings, and while their origins, intentions and appearances may be vastly dissimilar...ultimately, they are all one and the same.

Almost all beings have souls, anima, life forces, a concoction of universal energies in measures I know not. What I do know, however, is that where there is energy, be it natural or otherwise, there is always something or someone preying upon it.

The tales I have heard regurgitated over and over...I do not believe them all. Alas, the horror in the eyes of the islander who claims to have witnessed one of these monsters - I will never forget it. He was a slaver in the Skull region of the Eastern lands; the island chains to the far east of the Kharidian desert. He was as tall as a barn door, strong and broad as a yak, but petrified, cowering like a small child.

'The Jiangshi took them! They dropped like sacks of rice! She took away everything and they shriveled like grapes!'

I can recall the memory perfectly, his words carved into the back of my eyes, because his unbridled terror haunted me for months afterwards. This caused my research to take a turn in a different direction.

Most of my books and notes were taken by pirates. I shouldn't have been so trusting. However, I shall summarise and leave these as my last papers on the matter.

The so-called Jiangshi in the slaver's story is real. She annihilated the natives and livestock of at least an entire island in the Arc region that I am aware of. Her victims were killed merely by being in her vicinity, and with nowhere to go, they had little chance. This is not the first occurence of such things in the Eastern lands, and something odd is causing a parasitic corruption around the seas there. Earlier instances were allegedly stopped as soon as word spread of the affliction, the soul eater shot from afar with burning arrows, with every few kills to their name.

The creatures were people like you and I, thus making them extremely deadly and covert, especially to their loved ones. The only interesting link I have discovered between these instances is that the initial victims were deathly ill and physicians resorted to magical cures. This Jiangshi was a khan, a leader, trusted and respected by her people. Her horrific manifestation was kept undisclosed until it was far too late.

I have studied death. So much so that my own mind borders the veil itself and suffers the blinding consequences of peeking through. I might act irrational and crazy on occasion, but what I am sure of beyond any inkling of doubt, is that I shall scream and claw for my life with absolutely no dignity at even the thought of being near to a soul vampyre.

I will never erase what I observed on Goshima from my mind.

I have tried.

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  • patch 22 July 2019 (Update):
    • The Soul Vampyres book found in Goshima after the Curse of the Black Stone quest is now correctly readable in non-English languages. Also corrected a typo.