Transcript of Curse of the Black Stone journal entry

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  • I spoke to Bryll outside Daemonheim. She informed me that a sinister force is performing a dark ritual to summon an ancient evil. She instructed me to seek out the Jade Spider to learn more.
  • I followed a trail of clues that lead me to the island of Goshima where the Jade Spider was hiding out.
  • I discovered the Jade Spider is Madame Shih, the renowned Eastern Lands pirate queen. She told me about the cult in the Temple of Aminishi and that it is linked to the ritual.
  • I defeated the cult of Aminishi and liberated the azure serpent Seiryu who was being corrupted by strange black stones.
  • Madame Shih seemed inproportionately[sic] angry about the cult's activities. She gave me a dragonkin tablet piece which her agents had investigated. The tablet referenced the Ambassador, who seemed to be linked to the Aminishi cult.
  • I discovered a way into Kerapac's laboratory.
  • The Brimhaven cypher piece indicated that I needed to return to Kerapac's lab to track an ancient dragonkin laboratory down.
  • After learning more about the corrupting power of the black stone I returned to Madame Shih just in time to witness the Ambassador kill all of her followers.
  • Enraged Madame Shih went off on her own to take on the Ambassador.
  • I created a potion that will let me breathe underwater for a few days.
  • Hannibus discovered he has a daughter, Vindicta and[sic] she agreed to help destroy the Ambassador's cannons so that we can begin our attack.
  • Quartermaster Gully needed me to help him complete his obligations to his seagull Steven.[sic] As a result I helped save a seagull marriage.
  • I worked with Bosun Higgs to gather an elite Kinshra fighting force to help us fight the Ambassador.
  • I fought the Ambassador in the Shadow Reef and put a stop to his ritual. As he fell he told me that his master isn't even aware of us yet, but that when he does the[sic] destruction to Gielinor will be tremendous.
I gained 4 Quest Points, 3 Huge XP Lamps, and 10% damage reduction across the Temple of Aminishi, Dragonkin Laboratory and Shadow Reef elite dungeons.