Dragontooth Island

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This article is about the island. For the music track, see Dragontooth Island (music track).

Dragontooth Island is a members-only island which is situated off the eastern coast of Morytania. Players can travel here for free from Port Phasmatys by talking to the ghost captain, who is found by the small boat on the south eastern end of the docks. Players must have a ghostspeak amulet or cramulet equipped when talking to the ghost captain or have completed the hard Morytania achievements. It is also accessible through the skill portals located in the Max Guild garden. Additionally, the island can be reached by using the divine simulacrum outfits or Dungeoneering cape, or by using the teleport function on the Big Book o' Piracy.

During Rocking Out the Idol of many heads is recovered from the Dragontooth Shipwreck accessed via the chain at the northern beach.

Getting There[edit | edit source]

Attractions[edit | edit source]

Though the island is of little interest to the casual adventurer, it is a natural respite of beauty to the rest of Morytania as this is the only place they are able to reach on the east side of the River Salve that is not plagued by rot, disease, and marshland.

The island has a good number of evergreen trees for lower-level woodcutters. Additionally, with the release of Divination, there is a rift that spawns radiant wisps which require level 85 Divination to harvest. Occasionally, a penguin may be found on the island disguised as a crate.

A lone statue stands depicting Saradomin, which was erected by a group of refugees fleeing from Morytania. The refugees left the island shortly afterwards, continuing on their journey to the Eastern Lands.

After the One of a Kind quest, players can enter the resource dungeon on the southeastern part of the island. Inside are celestial dragons which can be killed for Dragon Rider armour.

Quests[edit | edit source]

This island also features in these three quests:

Divination[edit | edit source]

Since its release on 20 August 2013, a colony of radiant wisps inhabit Dragontooth isle. Players with a Divination of level 85 or above can harvest here. This update made the island very useful to diviners wishing to train in the skill.

History[edit | edit source]

In the 25th edition of the Postbag from the Hedge, Reldo the librarian shed some light on the history of the island. Before and during the God Wars, the island itself was used as a Saradominist outpost, until its destruction late in the God Wars (or possibly in the early Fourth Age; details are sketchy). After this it was dilapidated and unused for the better part of 2,000 years. Eventually, in approximately year 70 of the Fifth Age, refugees from Morytania landed on the island on a journey to the Eastern Lands, and erected the statue of Saradomin that stands there to this day.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 21 January 2014 (Update):
    • Travelling to and from Dragontooth Island is now much smoother, visually.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At one point players didn't need to visit Dragontooth Island to unlock its soundtrack, as they could gain access to it by standing on the western edge of Crandor mountain. This bug has been fixed.
  • Before Divination was released, one would have to pay the Ghost captain 25 ecto-tokens or 10 ecto-tokens (if using the Ring of Charos (a)) to visit the island.
  • The ghostspeak amulet is not required to travel back to Port Phasmatys from the island, making this another useful teleport access to Morytania.