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Mechanical Murphy is a zombie pirate carpenter in service of Rabid Jack, currently working together with Mi-Gor. He is the third returned follower of Jack known, after Captain Donnie and Mi-Gor. Murphy and Mi-Gor own a factory on Bloodsplatter Isle that produces Barrelchests and zomboats.

History[edit | edit source]

The Factory on Bloodsplatter Isle[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during A Clockwork Syringe.
Mi-Gor and Murphy's dreadful factory.

Mechanical Murphy formed an alliance with fellow Rabid Jack supporter Mi-Gor to create improved versions of Barrelchests, called Mk II barrelchests. One of the new Barrelchests is sent to the player's house in order to kill them, however the player survives the assassination attempt and takes the zombie head of the Barrelchest captive to interrogate it along with Bill Teach in order to find out who had sent him. This leads to Braindeath Island, where Captain Braindeath reports that brewers have gone missing. Their dead bodies are uncovered in a dungeon called the 'Rum'geon, where there are general malpractitioners, minions of Captain Donnie, who was assigned to create an army of mutated crabs, explaining the need for 'rum' the boycot of the factory. Continuing to follow the clues, the player is lead to Bloodsplatter Isle where the factory is uncovered that creates barrelchests as well as many zombie pirate bodyguards, such as attendeads, more general malpractitioners and sado-machinists. When the machines are destroyed, Murphy and Mi-Gor attempt to flee using zomboats, revealing their plan to create a fleet of those and invade Mos Le'Harmless. However, they are pursued by the player and their fleet is sunk. Mi-Gor and Murphy swear vengeance.

Brewery Assault[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Pieces of Hate.

Mechanical Murphy was sent to Braindeath Island with Mi-Gor to find out the secret behind Captain Braindeath's 'rum', using his brewers as hostages to reveal the secret. The player arrives on the island and lures crabs from the nearby resource dungeon, using Baron von Hattenkrapper, to assault Murphy, Mi-Gor and their Barrelchest bodyguards. The crabs easily overpower the zombies, finally destroying Mechanical Murphy and reducing Mi-Gor to a decapitated head.

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