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Black stone, or kreath takla in the dragonkin language, is a material heavily associated with Xau-Tak and necromancy.

Uses and mentions[edit | edit source]

  • Kranon describes a hand made of black stone reaching out from the shadows and severing his connection to the curse that Jas placed upon the dragonkin. It painlessly opened his chest and Kranon pulled out his heart and lungs and put inside himself "a piece of his world".[1]
  • A black stone with great hands rising out of the ground, used as a shrine by the mwanu. Wilbur Howley describes it as enthralling, as if emitting a song that whispered of "the promise of salvation and immortality beneath the waves".[2]
  • Rabid Jack had a plan to turn people from all over the world into a black stone-controlled invasion force by mixing Braindeath 'rum' with black stone. He took over the Braindeath Island distillery and intended to ship vast quantities of the serum to every major port across the world.[3] This serum could also transform ordinary zombie limbs into the monstrous arms and legs of a barrelchest.[4]
  • A Menaphite guard captain deserter and his soldiers protect a refinery in the Temple of Aminishi from intruders.[5] He states that the black stone, or black crystals, hold "great power", a "key to yet more".[6] He claims him and his band escaped "the corruption" after all hope was lost in Menaphos.[7]
  • After freeing Seiryu the Azure Serpent from the black crystals, he reveals that during his captivity, he felt others sharing his torment. A "she" who is in pain, but "hides it well", another who is "so alone". He also describes another being under the Wilderness, though this may be one of the previous two mentioned.[8][9] This is later revealed to be the black stone dragon.[10]
  • The pets Ambi, Squoggoth and Tetch speak of "a stranger that wears a black mask under its skin", "an atrocity written in black stone" and "a city of black stone where the screaming never stops".[11][12][13]
  • A black stone which Zemouregal used to strengthen his hold over the undead hero Arrav. He claims to have found it in a volcano on Karamja. Azzanadra states that the resonance of this stone is the same as that found in Mah's corrupted egg remains.[14][15] During the 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation, the black stone was shattered by the adventurer, freeing Arrav from Zemouregal's spell. The organisation Silhouette later obtained the stone. Although inert, it was studied by mages of the order and was deemed to have potential. Xephos gave the black stone to Guildmaster Tony and suggested that he use it on the Codex to investigate it.[16] Tony used it on the monolith and was sucked into it.
  • According to Kalibath, Tarshak saw people welcome the obsidian hand of death around their throat as they smile.[17]

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References[edit | edit source]

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    • Xephos: I wonder if we might be able to help there. In our own studies we came across this ancient relic. It's a black stone that was once possessed by the mahjarrat Zemouregal. It's inert but our mages are convinced there is potential there. Perhaps this is the right place for it to be used?
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