Transcript of Rocking Out journal entry

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  • I have asked Bill Teach about Rabid Jack. He told me that I need to get arrested and go to the Rock Island Prison. There I will see Young Ralph, who will tell me what I need to know.
  • I have convinced the Customs Agents that I am a pirate! Now I just need to be sent to the prison.
  • I have been told to store all my equipment in the locker so I can be arrested.
  • I have been sent to the prison and put in the cell with a huge hole in the back.
  • Helpfully, Young Ralph is stone deaf. I need to look around and try to make something out of available materials to attract his attention.
  • I have managed to make Young Ralph turn around. I should speak to him to find out what this is all about.
  • Young Ralph has told me I need the marks of 5 captains to get the story.
  • Captain Braindeath on Braindeath Island.
  • Captain Bill Teach
  • Captain Brass Hand Harry on Mos le'Harmless
  • Captain Izzy No-Beard in the Brimhaven Agility Arena
  • Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim
  • I have all the captain's marks. I am going to smuggle them to Ralph inside the folder the Customs Officer has given me.
  • I sent the folder to the prison and now I need to go there and retrieve it.
  • I have given the marks to Young Ralph and he is ready to tell me the story now.
  • I have heard the story of Rabid Jack and how he was killed. Now I know, I must find some way to investigate if, and why, he has come back.