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Steven Seagull is an injured seagull sitting on Quartermaster Gully's shoulder. He has a broken wing and an eyepatch. According to Gully, Steven often drops "feathers" down the back of his coat, and leers at Bosun Higgs. He left his wife to travel with Quartermaster Gully, which caused a strain on his marriage and led his wife to take up with Count Ludwig Koppenploppen. When the Ambassador threatened Gielinor, Quartermaster Gully volunteered to join the strike force formed to deal with the threat, but first asked the World Guardian to repair Steven's marriage. When Steven and his wife met, she refused to have anything to do with him, claiming Count Ludwig was a better gull than he was. The World Guardian then gathered reports from local seagulls about the count's behaviour. When the World Guardian presented the evidence to Steven's wife, she told Count Ludwig to leave and started repairing her marriage with Steven.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name is a reference to the actor Steven Seagal.
  • When he appears on Waiko during Curse of the Black Stone, he doesn't wear his eyepatch and wing cast, and uses the same model as every other seagull in the quest.
Concept art of Steven Seagull.