Transcript of Pieces of Hate journal entry

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  • I received a letter from Bill Teach indicating he's in some sort of trouble. I have let myself be arrested by the Customs Office and have arrived at the Rock Island Prison where Bill is also a prisoner.
  • I have escaped my cell at Rock Island Prison and learned that Rabid Jack is turning people into monsters using a serum made from black stone and 'rum'.
  • I spoke to the other pirates about the return of Rabid Jack.
  • I helped the zombie head to find meaning again in life.
  • The zombie head revealed that Rabid Jack has a secret base on the mysterious Kraken Tooth Island.
  • We tried to sail to Kraken Tooth Island, but Rabid Jack intercepted us and attacked our ship with a giant sea monster. We learned that he is attacking Mos Le'Harmless directly.
  • I saved Mos Le'Harmless from Rabid Jack's invasion force. It seemed a little too easy.
  • Rabid Jack's invasion was just a distraction. He has taken control of the 'rum' distillery on Braindeath Island and is using the 'rum' to create a serum which will turn everyone into crassian monsters under his control.
  • I defeated Mi-Gor and took back control of the Braindeath Island distillery.
  • Rabid Jack snuck up on us and destroyed most of the fleet. My ship was damaged and I had to dive into the ocean. I found Rabid Jack in a strange underwater temple with a sinister portal. Some sort of structure crashed on top of the portal, closing it... for now.
  • My friends managed to survive and it seems like the threat to Mos Le'Harmless has finally passed. I'm sure it will be an age before we hear any more from Rabid Jack and his schemes.