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Madame Shih, also known as the Jade Spider, is a powerful pirate warlord from the Wushanko Isles who features in Pieces of Hate and Curse of the Black Stone. She is first encountered locked up on Rock Island Prison, where she can tell players about her flocks of pirate armies and incredible reputation. Once players escape the prison, she brings a large ship to where Captain Rabid Jack's hideout supposedly is but is instead ambushed and abducted by Jack instead, and her ship is obliterated by Zogoth.

After the quest, she leaves to return to the Wushanko Isles. Players can talk to Bill Teach after the quest to learn that he saw Madame Shih haul a rusted, ancient-looking barnacled chest onto her ship with a far gaze in her eye. She was almost corrupted by Xau-Tak, but she managed to withstand it, although the horrifying sounds and images haunted her.

She joined the Acolytes of Seiryu in the Temple of Aminishi with the intention to infiltrate the organisation and foil their plans. Thanks to her extraordinary talent for warding magic, she quickly rose through the ranks and became a member of the Council of Seven, and was tasked by Lady Himiko to create a powerful ward to secure the innermost part of the temple. Shih created a ward, but she intentionally left a 'backdoor' in it to allow the World Guardian and their team to enter. However, Oreb discovered her actions and she was forced to flee to the abandoned city of Gongdung on Goshima.

Despite her efforts to put the Ambassador's forces on a wild chase, the Ambassador eventually confronted her on Goshima. He told her that she could not change fate after seeing the sounds and images. Assuming that her allies were why she still resisted him, he use a powerful attack to attempt to kill everybody, though Shih used her warding magic to protect herself and the World Guardian. Shih then teleported and prepared to fight the Ambassador alone but was captured and subjected to the sounds and images again. Shih would manage to escape after the Ambassador's death and thanked the World Guardian for saving her.

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  • Madame Shih is named after Ching Shih, the leader of a Chinese pirate fleet during the 19th century.