Rimmington Customs Office

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The Rimmington Customs Office

The Rimmington Customs Office is a small office in southeast Rimmington. It is part of the Customs and Exise Office, which is responsible for the enforcement of maritime law in Gielinor. The guard on duty is the Customs Sergeant, who takes players to Rock Island Prison during Rocking Out.

Items are not allowed on the island; as such, a locker serves as a bank deposit box is in the office. This is useful for gathering resources in the area, including the 3 yew trees and an elder tree just north-west of Rimmington. Rocking Out is required to use the locker.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On the day of the quest release, it was missing from the world map.
  • Previously, while Rocking Out is required to use the locker normally, any player, even free players, are able to use the right-click Deposit-All option to deposit everything in their inventory into their bank. This has since been fixed and Deposit-All is now impossible to use without the same requirement.