Lord Hyett

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It is generally considered canon, unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.

Lord Hyett, nicknamed the Black Boar, was a very tall knight of Varrock and sometimes said to be the strongest knight in Misthalin. According to Lady Anne, he was a Zamorakian and an associate of the Kinshra whose first two wives "died horribly."

He participated in a mêlée against Squire Theodore's men during the Midsummer Festival of 165, having lost a match against Theodore earlier. He wore black armour with a tusked helm. He brought a sharp rather than a blunt broadsword into battle, intending to use it against Theodore. The two leaders fought, but with the help of his men, Theodore was able to resist the attacks mostly. Acting upon Lady Anne's advice, he attempted to damage Hyett's left side, as it was his weakest. When the boar continued fighting one of Theodore's men, Philip, who had surrendered and was unarmed, the squire was enraged and brought Hyett to the ground, placing his sword against his throat and forcing him to yield or be killed, although he had to dive when one of Hyett's men charged at him. Later, when Hyett himself charged to attack Theodore, the squire crushed his opponent's weak ankle and drove his sword through his chest, crushing Hyett's breastbone as he fell on top of him, yelling in pain. Angered by Hyett's treachery, Theodore claimed his sword and armour as his own. Due to this heinous wound, Hyett died the next day. None were particularly sad about this, however, and Captain Rovin even praised Theodore.

Moments before his death, however, the Gaunt Herald visited Hyett and allowed him to live as undead. Clad in rune plate armour, Hyett later led an attack on the king's granary as part of the Zamorakian insurrection and conspiracy, and also used the Kinshra's black powder, but was stopped by Doric and Theodore and his recruits. He was last seen galloping away with the bomb tied to his saddle, which then proceeded to explode.

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