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Zombie monks are priests hiding in the granary on Harmony Island who were captured and zombified by zombie surgeon Mi-Gor and his crew of undead pirates. They previously used the island for its remoteness which provided them with the peace needed for their book work, and even had a deal with the pirates: they were left alone in exchange for blessings.[1] One day, they were attacked and overwhelmed by Mi-Gor's crew. The undead surgeon selected several of the monks, including their leader Brother Tranquillity, for experimentation.[2] Brother Tranquillity woke up partway through, discovered his brain in a zombie's body,[2] and managed to escape with several of his zombified brethren, sealing themselves in the granary with their bodies stored beneath.[3]

The sawbones under Mi-Gor's control attempted to enter the granary but were called off. They later used a 'sleeping gas' to try knocking out the monks.[4] The monks recruited an adventurer to help them, which included obtaining a prayer book and used a prayer to protect the granary from the effects of the gas. They later recruited Dr Fenkenstrain, offering him protection from the werewolves threatening to eat him if he helped them return to their proper bodies.[5] The adventurer stole some supplies from the zombies in the monastery and the monks were restored to their rightful bodies.

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References[edit | edit source]

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