Simon (Return to Canifis)

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Betrayal at Falador, Return to Canifis, and Legacy of Blood article This article or section contains information from Betrayal at Falador, Return to Canifis, and/or Legacy of Blood.
It is generally considered canon, unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.

Simon is a member of the Society of Owls set to watch over Gar'rth after he is imprisoned for being a werewolf. He is also one of the embassy sent to Morytania in an attempt to retrieve the children taken by the wyrd, but is one of several Society members who has to turn back after their horses take ill.

Following Lord Sulla's surrender, Simon is assigned the task of pressuring him to reveal the location of Jerrod. Sulla leads him through the streets of Varrock to an abandoned building with Jerrod. He is killed when Turine uses a wind based spell to send him through the wall and to fall to his death.

Simon has no compassion for werewolves and believes that they all end up as blood hungry monsters over time.