Battle of King Botolph's Tower

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Legacy of Blood This article or section contains information from Legacy of Blood.
It is generally considered canon unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.

The Battle of King Botolph's Tower was a battle that occurred during Tenebra's attempt to seize the throne of Misthalin for his son Gar'rth. It was an attempt by Tenebra to use his agents within Varrock Palace to seize Felicity, the girl needed to complete the ritual that would desecrate the River Salve and permit the hordes of Morytania to cross.

The battle started with Papelford, a Zamorakian agent in the Varrock court, pretending to have fallen in order to lure the guards posted in the tower, the best Varrock had, into the reaches of the zombies. Both Larkin and Devlin, the guards sent to help him, were killed, with Devlin becoming a zombie. With that, it was revealed that all of the victim's of the Wyrd had risen, and were now attempting to capture Felicity.

More and more guardsmen went down without making any noticeable effect in the zombie ranks, and several others, including Sir Cecil, Lord Mews, Karnac and Master Peregrim also joined the battle, although the Inquisitors quickly fled. The serving girl, Pia, was instructed to go get the mage Gideon Gleeman. Gideon refused, seeing Felicity as being more important. Lady Anne went and fetched reinforcements in the forms of the civilians trapped within the tower. When hope looked lost, Pia was instructed to open the passage to the nobles' quarters, where the exile Lord William was waiting. He decapitated Captain Merrick, the leader of the guard who had been turned into a zombie, and inspired the remaining guard and citizens to fight, now led by veteran guard Grimm.

Ellamaria decided to try and thin the ranks by using a bomb given to her by Ebenezer, which if used in the wrong place would bring the tower down. The bomb was thrown into the zombie mass, killing all but a quarter of the zombies and injuring Lord William. Gideon chose at that point to go join the battle, but was incapacitated by Albertus Black, transformed into a vampyre. He took Felicity and left his old friend Ebenezer to die in the collapsing tower. The surviving defenders escaped to the gallery, where an oblivious Mews allowed Papelford to enter, and with him the remaining zombies. Thanks to the capable defenders, however, the last of the zombies were set alight by burning the old tapestries. In the chaos, Lady Caroline was injured, and she passed out alongside Lord William. The leader of the zombies, Papelford, managed to escape into the city.