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Sulla was a distinguished Lord of the Kinshra who reigned in 164 of the Fifth Age. He was responsible for orchestrating the War of 164, a multi-racial conflict that nearly eliminated the nation of Asgarnia and caused thousands of deaths.

For much of his life, Sulla was a battle commander that led brutal raids upon small settlements in and around northern Asgarnia. He rose to lordship amongst the Kinshra in the winter of 164 by assassinating Lord Milton. Sulla's willingness to use force was well-received by the Kinshra at the time, and there was virtually no open resistance amongst them following his inauguration as ruler. However, he was a cruel man as a result of his being tortured in his youth, and saw care for the well-being of his men as a weakness rather than a good trait.

Sulla was crippled following the Siege of Falador, losing both hands to the 17-year old Kara-Meir. After nearly being killed by his own men, Sulla was rescued by the Morytanian werewolf Jerrod and fled to the Wilderness. From there he travelled to Varrock, blackmailing various prominent citizens who had done business with the Kinshra. He rose to fame by slaying the Wyrd, but escaped to Port Sarim where he intended to flee to East Ardougne. Before he could he was killed on the orders of Straven Enroy.

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Despite Lord Sulla's prominence in modern history, little is known regarding his pre-Kinshra origins other than that he was one of the Charred Folk of the northern Wilderness. When he was born, his mother was killed and he was baptised in her blood. When he was older, his father put a scalding hot mask against his face which scarred him for life, mutilating his face and making his left eye completely blind. In his screams, Sulla swore that he would take pleasure in the pains of others and carry the banner of Zamorak through all corners of the world.

His face has been described as "a single hideous scar, as if a heated mask had been forced onto it, burning flesh and leaving the skin blistered; from the pale left eye that stared blindly without a pupil to the cracked fissures of skin around his mouth."

As Kinshra officer[edit | edit source]

The Kinshra fortress near Ice Mountain whence Sulla operated.

At some point, Sulla left the Wilderness and joined the Kinshra in Asgarnia. After many years of service to them, mainly under Lord Shadwell, Sulla became a prominent commander responsible for a sizeable contingent of soldiers. Because a political standstill kept the Kinshra and White Knights from waging open war during his time of activity in the 140s and 150s, Sulla used these powers largely for personal goals. He oversaw innumerable raids on small farms and villages in northern Asgarnia and around Ice Mountain.

The raids overseen by Sulla were infamously violent. Men, women, children, and infants were slain indifferently under Sulla's orders. Pointless torture was often utilised, and the trained dogs used by Sulla's men became infamous. Entire villages were completely annihilated and forgotten. He also avenged himself by killing his father and the priest who had baptised him, and enslaved his entire tribe on Ice Mountain, enjoying their suffering.

An enemy made[edit | edit source]

In the winter of 154, Sulla commanded a standard raid on a small village in northern Asgarnia, near the base of Ice Mountain. The reason for the mission was a suggestion by the Kinshra spy Sir Finistere, who had reason to believe the White Knights held a presence in the village.

Sulla raided the village successfully and personally oversaw the murder of Sir Justrain, an exiled White Knight that had been gathering information on the Kinshra in the area, but not before he had passed his ring of life to his daughter. Justrain, who had been reluctantly exiled through a technicality around 148, had been posing as a woodsman in order to escape attention.

Justrain's eight-year-old daughter personally witnessed her parents' death from a distance, and was forced to flee from Sulla's dogs and men to a large nearby pond. She crossed the pond's frozen surface and hid on a tiny islet, where she was safe from the dogs. Sulla figured that she would die of the cold anyway and left with his men while she swore that she would kill the man who had taken everything from her. However, the girl later managed to get off the island and fled to Ice Mountain, where she was attacked by mountain wolves. She managed to slay one, cut it open and rested inside the corpse to be safe from the freezing winter air. She was discovered days later by Master Phyllis, a dwarven elder, and his party, who had discovered the destroyed village. Phyllis took her in, naming her Kara-Meir. Unbeknownst to Sulla, Kara-Meir would return ten years later as his greatest foe.

It was in 164, during a storm, that Kara ambushed Sulla and his men with her adamant sword, a gift from Phyllis during her life with the dwarves. Kara failed to kill Sulla when the knight shot her from his horse and she fell off a cliff. Injured and near-death, the ring of life saved her and teleported her to Falador, where she was able to attract the attention of Squire Theodore before passing out. Sulla initially assumed the girl dead, but she would continue to haunt him in his dreams and he confided in the sybil the Kinshra had employed, who revealed that she was alive and a danger to him, which made Sulla fear her, to his own dismay.

A typical Kinshra soldier.

Rise to lordship[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Betrayal at Falador.
Poison is too easy for him. I want him to know I now possess everything he treasured in his life!

A few days later, Sulla put into motion a plan that ultimately allowed him to rise to lordship amongst the Kinshra. He silently gained the allegiance of many of the Kinshra's more influential officers. The Kinshra's leader, Lord Milton, had failed since his inauguration to resolve the Asgarnian conflicts both militarily and politically. There were virtually none who openly opposed his plan; even the highly conservative Commander Daquarius gave him his loyalty albeit with reluctance.

After ensuring that he would be supported as Kinshra Lord, Sulla resolved to assassinate Milton. He manipulated Milton's slave girl, threatening her with death should she refuse to comply. Sulla gave the girl a vial of deadly poison, which he ordered be administered to the Lord secretly.

The girl, afraid for her life, personally saw that the poison was placed in his wine. When Milton drank it, he was not immediately slain; Sulla, wanting to torture him further, ordered the slave, with whom Lord Milton had secretly been engaged, to kill him, promising her freedom if she did. Left with no other option, she used a pillow to suffocate him with Milton's approval, before slaying herself to prevent being punished by the Kinshra for her crime or being owned by Sulla. Taking the Lord of the Kinshra's signet ring, Sulla came to lead the order.

Preparations for war[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Betrayal at Falador.
Our ancestors helped found Asgarnia with King Raddallin. Will we dishonour their memory by letting our enemies consolidate their grip? I say no!

From the beginning of his ascension to leadership, Lord Sulla's plan was ultimately to overthrow the White Knight order, the Asgarnian federal government, and overtake the nation of Asgarnia. Additionally, diplomatic ambassadors were dispatched to the neighbouring nations of Misthalin and Kandarin that would ensure these kingdoms would remain uninvolved by convincing them the war would be not one of conquest but one to bring religious freedom to Asgarnia. However, the Kinshra were, alone, not sizeable enough to accomplish such a task. Therefore Sulla enlisted several other factions to fight for him.

Amongst Lord Sulla's earliest formed alliances was that with the chaos dwarves, a colony of which inhabited the caves and mountains of northern Asgarnia. The dwarves were immediately taken with Sulla's willingness to act on Zamorakian ideals. Their leader, an elderly dwarf named Thorbarkin, was long an extremist and accepted Sulla's intentions as genuine. Sulla's main reason for allying himself with Thorbarkin's army was because of their powerful artillery technology. The mortars they used were similar to the multicannons used by the Dwarven Black Guard and, he suspected, were capable of tearing through the walls of Falador or virtually any other city he needed engage. The chaos dwarves also added significantly to his ground forces; more than 500 new footsoldiers were immediately placed under Sulla and Thorbarkin's joint command.

Additionally, Lord Sulla gained the support of local goblin chiefs who had been forced into unfair agreements with the White Knights, who forced the goblins north to free more farmland for Asgarnian subjects. The goblins would add thousands of soldiers to Sulla's ranks. Finally, the Wilderness Mercenaries and the tribe of Wilderness Berserkers were quickly recruited by Sulla in order to bolster his numbers during the eventual battle for Falador.

Lord Sulla also had the Kinshra's sybil plague Prince Anlaf of Burthorpe with dreams that would torment him into paranoia and fear. This would leave the prince undecisive in the upcoming war, ensuring the Imperial Guard would not be involved. Sulla desired more however, and the sybil changed the prince's dreams to convince him that only Zamorak would offer relief so that he would fight for the Kinshra. And indeed, soon enough the distressed Anlaf locked himself up in his castle, refusing to admit anyone, and secretly constructed a chaos altar.

Finally, Sulla made copies of several incriminating Kinshra documents in old code, which would allow him to blackmail many powerful individuals in Asgarnia and Misthalin should he ever need to.

Thus, the stage was set for the gruesome War of 164.

Attack on the Monastery[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Betrayal at Falador.
We will test ourselves and our weapons against the faith of the monks of Saradomin. After that we turn south. To Falador!
The secluded monastery Sulla attacked.

Lord Sulla decided to test his chaos dwarf mortars by sacking the Asgarnia monastery east of Ice Mountain. Around the beginning of spring, he revealed his plan to attack the monastery and then march on Falador to his officers. Commander Daquarius was sceptical, stating that the monks were not worth the Kinshra's attention and that Misthalin might retaliate, to which Sulla, spitting, declared that they were Saradominists. He called Thorbarkin, who stated that no more than five mortars would be required in the attack.

Within a few days, a contingent consisting of fifty horsemen and a hundred foot soldiers reached the monastery in the forest east of their fortress. However, the slow chaos mortars delayed his progress as it took them a full day to catch up with the knights. Sulla liaised with the sybil during this time, in addition to sending messages to his spies abroad. He was then informed that the attack could commence the following night. Sulla was unaware, however, that Kara-Meir and her new friends - Doric, Squire Theodore, Castimir, Gar'rth, Ebenezer and Arisha - had just arrived there to help Gar'rth overcome his affliction, as well as search the monks' archives to find out Kara's human name.

Shortly before the attack, the Kinshra encountered a cloaked figure who seemed to be surveying their army and effortlessly evaded all attempts to kill him by hiding in the undergrowth. Upon hearing this, Sulla rode out to confront the mysterious figure himself. When he approached him, the latter asked him if he was Zamorakian, to which the Lord of the Kinshra introduced himself. The hooded man declared that he did not fear Sulla and stated that he would be able to kill him easily before his army could arrive, if he wanted to. When Sulla lifted his helmet's visor, revealing his horribly mutilated face, the creature stated that he had wanted to know who Sulla was and revealed that he had been sent to retrieve something that had taken refuge in the monastery, which he was unable to enter due to Saradomin's protection. He also revealed that he was a follower of Zamorak as well, and Sulla allowed him to join his attack. The creature then pulled back its hood, introducing himself as Jerrod from Morytania, to which Sulla dismounted and laughed.

At dawn, Lord Sulla gave the order and the five mortars fired at the monastery. As they reloaded, part of the walls and roof of the building collapsed and a fire ensued in the eastern wing. While the panicking monks ran amok in the pandemonium of the burning monastery in an attempt to shelter themselves from the projectiles and the smoke, Kara's party attempted to get out of their rooms when Brother Althric informed them that the Abbot Langley had been injured. Meanwhile, Sulla ordered Thorbarkin to detonate the chaos dwarves' mines while Jerrod stated that Gar'rth and Kara would be his. The surviving monks assembled and prepared to flee to Ghost Town, the most nearby settlement. At that moment, the walls were breached and several Kinshra horsemen rode inside, herding several monks to the entrance and slaying them, thus desecrating the monastery and allowing Jerrod to enter. He and Sulla agreed that Kara be taken alive so that the two of them could design a "fittingly slow end for her" before the werewolf went inside.

Meanwhile, the Kinshra infantry began to raid the monastery, slaughtering monks, before being stopped by Kara, Theodore, Doric, Castimir and Gar'rth, who fought them off. The soldiers regrouped, however, and the defenders split up as Kara and Gar'rth went into the burning archives to rescue what they could. Jerrod confronted the remaining combatants in the monastery's courtyard and offered to trade Kara and Gar'rth for their lives, but they refused and attacked. In the ensuing battle, the werewolf nearly killed Doric and Castimir, but the wizard was able to cast a bind spell, paralysing his opponent. Jerrod's body was then positioned so that he would be engulfed in debris from the collapsing building before being able to move again. However, the eastern part of the monastery had collapsed, leaving Kara and Gar'rth trapped inside.

Upon seeing Jerrod had been defeated, Sulla sighed and was about to order a charge inside when he was confronted by the old Ebenezer. The scientist proceeded to lunge several pouches containing sodium into nearby buckets of water and the fountains in the courtyard, resulting in several explosions that caused the Kinshra horses to flee in panic, including Sulla's own horse. Sulla quickly leaped side to avoid being trampled while Ebenezer led the monks' escape from the monastery, followed by Theodore, Doric, Arisha and Castimir. Lord Sulla bellowed an order to follow them, but Ebenezer used one of the chaos dwarves' mines to halt the charge as dozens of knights were killed or injured in the explosion. The party then headed east, but not before taking a prisoner, Gaius. Theodore, Castimir and Doric would head back to retrieve Kara and Gar'rth, however.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

No, Kara. I am not going to kill you. But Gar'rth is.

After the attack, heavy rain ensued, dousing the fires, and Sulla ordered that Jerrod be dug out. He offered the werewolf two fatally injured foot soldiers to eat and, stating that both Kara and Gar'rth were most likely dead, offered him to join the Kinshra. He then left Jerrod and an officer informed him that the two had just been found alive, to which Sulla went to see them. He ordered to get them out of the rubble they had desperately been trying to get out of and Jerrod, stained with fresh blood, shortly joined him.

Lord Sulla demanded that Kara reveal her identity to him and explain why he was having dreams of her, to which she defiantly stated that the archives, which could have revealed her true identity, had been lost in the fire. Meanwhile, Jerrod had been beating Gar'rth, forcing him into his werewolf form, and he was tied to a chain. Sulla cruelly informed Kara that his soldiers had recovered four volumes from the archives and burnt them in front of her before stating that not he, but her friend Gar'rth would kill her. After binding her with ropes, Sulla made a non-lethal cut in Kara's throat so release the scent of her blood for Gar'rth. Jerrod gleefully stated that Gar'rth's blooding would finally take place, but he refused to kill his friend and retreated from her as far as his chain would allow. When an impatient Kinshra soldier stepped into his range, he attacked and killed him, to which Jerrod attacked his nephew.

While Gar'rth and Jerrod were fighting each other, the former managed to cut the ropes holding Kara. At that moment, Castimir, Doric and Theodore charged in, freeing Kara and trampling chaos dwarves and knights alike. Sulla quickly ordered his men to mount their horses while Theodore and Castimir began hurling the chaos dwarves' shells at them, causing massive explosions. The latter used a fire spell to free Gar'rth from his chain before once again binding Jerrod and leaving a shell at his feet, which would detonate before the spell would wear off. The five of them then quickly escaped the remains of the monastery and rode to Falador. Within seconds, Sulla took the activated mine and hurled it into the nearest fountain, saving Jerrod, figuring that he might still be useful.

Although he had ultimately failed to capture Kara-Meir and Gar'rth, the assault had proven the chaos dwarf mortars to be very effective and over the following days, Lord Sulla prepared his final attack on Falador. He also sent a contingent of a hundred armed soldiers led by Commander Daquarius to Burthorpe in order to delay Prince Anlaf should he decide to fight for the White Knights.

Siege of Falador[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Betrayal at Falador.
Falador is in its final hour! I will seize the throne of Asgarnia and the worship of Zamorak will enter a new age. We shall both have our revenge against those who have stood against us.

Sulla and his massive army of Kinshra cavalry and infantry, chaos dwarves and Wilderness tribes set up a camp two days north of Falador while the goblins would join his ranks later and dig trenches around the camp, and Sulla considered using them as a diversionary force during the battle. By the next morning, his army had advanced to within five kilometres of the city. He sent five hundred goblins to secure Taverley, which resulted in a bloody massacre, and kept them on his western flank. They then dug the trenches and the camp was further protected by a wall of wooden stakes around it, beginning the Siege of Falador.

Lord Sulla met with Gaius, who had managed to escape the White Knights' Castle Dungeons with Sir Finistere's help, and was informed that the traitor would convey messages to the Kinshra from the roof of the Falador Almshouse. That night, Finistere informed them of Sir Amik Varze's battle plan; three waves of White Knights and city guards would ride from the Falador Swamp to assault the Kinshra. He prepared an ambush for the attackers, who indeed came the following morning.

As Sir Amik led the charge, he was met by Sulla's goblins, who were all but slaughtered by the Faladian army. The survivors split up and fled: the City Guard pursued those who fled north while the White Knight contingents dealt with the other two divisions. At that moment, Sulla gave the order to his lancers, who rode out from the forest north of Sir Amik's forces, joined by goblins. Subsequent signals revealed hundreds of infanteers, who had lain hidden and now formed a line to the south. The two divisions then rode to meet one another, trapping the White Knights in the middle. The Wilderness Berserkers also joined the battle, biting and clawing at them.

Hundreds of White Knights were slain, including the masters-at-arms Troughton and Nicholas Sharpe, and Sir Amik and Sir Vyvin were both wounded, the former grievously. Many goblin troops also fell to the Kinshra, to the point that they forgoed fighting the knights and struggled to get out of the death trap alive. During their butchering of the panicking goblins north of the slaughter, Colonel Payne of the Falador City Guard suddenly noticed what was going on and immediately ordered his men to attempt to rescue Sir Amik and any other knight possible and retreat to Falador. The sixty guards crashed into the Kinshra pikemen's rear, allowing some of the White Knights to escape, but Payne himself was slain and succeeded by Captain Ingrew. Sulla allowed the survivors to retreat, enjoying the thought that the citizens of Falador would "see their beloved protectors run."

Meanwhile, in Falador, Sir Tiffy Cashien led the efforts to find out who the traitor within the White Knights was, knowing it was either Sir Pallas, Sir Finistere or Sir Erical, and Lord Tremene and Ebenezer formed a people's militia. However, all this time, Thorbarkin's mortars continued to relentlessly barrage the city walls.

Battling for the city[edit | edit source]

Who dares? Where is the knight of Saradomin who is foolish enough to demand our surrender in his city's final hour?
Tapestry depicting the Siege, with Sulla on the left and Amik on the right. Note the guns on Sulla's side.

Soon, the Kinshra managed to breach one part of the wall of Falador, to which the other mortars began to fire there as well. Shortly before dawn, the wall was fully breached and Lord Sulla ordered his goblin troops to invade. Thousands of them stormed toward the city, ignoring the archers' attacks, and began to climb the wall using ladders. Their sheer numbers eventually overpowered the defenders and even the emissaries of the Wizards' Tower, including the elderly Master Segainus, could not stop them.

Ebenezer then deployed his Pig Fat Bombs, burning hay bales soaked with pig fat, killing many goblins and forcing them to use a wider front in their assault. The White Knights and City Guard fought them off on the ramparts and eventually gained the overhand. Around noon, Sulla gave the order to retreat and the angry and exhausted goblin troops returned to the warcamp. He ordered Thorbarkin to keep firing, deciding to try and take the city after another two breaches would be made. By the next day, this had happened and the Kinshra stormed inside the city, evading the trebuchets' missiles.

As Sulla's men invaded the city, the defenders retreated while the White Knights, led by Bhuler disguised as Sir Amik, rode out to war. Meanwhile, the plundering and raiding Kinshra's discipline collapsed as they even fought among themselves for loot. They also managed to steal the White Knights' Holy Book of Saradomin and took it with them. When the Lord of the Kinshra saw the white army, he realised they could destroy his tightly packed troops at the wall breaches and signalled Gaius to lead four hundred pikemen to intercept them.

The White Knights slaughtered the Kinshra at the westernmost breach, then became aware of the advancing cavalry. The fleeing infantry was hoarded right into the path of Gaius' men, preventing the lancers from reaching the White Knights. When he realised this, Gaius snarled and gave the order to increase speed, planning to ride down the Kinshra's own troops to reach their opponents. However, the lancers lost all momentum when they crashed into the foot soldiers and began slaughtering them. When the cavalry had almost reached them, the White Knights charged into the lancers' flank and began to massacre them. As Gaius furiously urged his troops to keep fighting, he himself was killed by a twelve-year-old peon.

Sulla, who had watched the onslaught, cursed Gaius and ordered the two thousand remaining goblins who had not deserted to ride to the south and called back his troops inside Falador. While the White Knights kept up their charge, the Kinshra's guns continually fired at them and Lord Sulla made sure they would be trapped between the cavalry from the city and his infantry. However, at that moment a messenger arrived with a letter bearing his mark that demanded that he surrender. Sulla then saw that his camp, north of position, was on fire and the messenger revealed to be the only survivor of its destruction by Kara-Meir and her army of Dwarven Black Guard whom she had recruited with Theodore, Castimir, Doric and Gar'rth. Sulla was then blown off his saddle by the force of the explosion caused by the ignition of the black powder in camp, which would soon leave the guns without ammunition. He signalled Jerrod to kill the messenger and ordered his commanders to abandon the guns and focus on the White Knights before heading for Kara's army, while ordering his goblins to delay her.

The Kinshra cavalry trapped the White Knights and the city militia against the wall in a horseshoe shape and began massacring them as Sulla watched. He was then informed that Kara's army had been joined by previously hidden cavalry who, he realised, would slay all of his goblins. Indeed, as Commander Blenheim's dwaven archers and Kara halted a hundred yards from the charging goblins and began hammering on their shields to mask the sound of the incoming cavalry, Squire Theodore, Castimir, Doric and Lord Radebaugh of the Burthorpe Imperial Guard, who had ignored Daquarius' and Anlaf's orders to stand down and joined Theodore to fight for Asgarnia, charged into the unsuspecting goblins, who were utterly destroyed. Within a minute, the two thousand goblins had been reduced to a horde of fleeing creatures who abandoned their weapons and armour in an effort to get away.

When Bhuler led his men around the Kinshra attackers, their formation was weakened and the White Knights charged into them, prompting many to retreat. Sulla sent his last infantry to defeat them and dispatched the last of his cavalry to deal with Kara's army. He also ordered Jerrod to kill Sir Amik Varze specifically. He then watched as Theodore and Radebaugh led the Imperial Guard away to the east, seemingly allowing his own cavalry to reach Kara and the dwarves, but realised it had been a trap when he saw them ride back. Blenheim's archers, Kara, Castimir, Doric and Gar'rth decimated the incoming attackers before the Imperial Guard finished them off.

Meanwhile, Bhuler and his knights were cornered once again by their opponents, but the valet courageously urged his horse on and jumped right into their number. With the help of the archers on the wall, the Kinshra pikemen were thinned out as other knights followed his example. Bhuler broke free of the battle and was challenged by Jerrod but felt no fear and charged the werewolf. Jerrod leaped aside but his opponent had anticipated this and hit his shoulder with his banner, carrying Jerrod with him for several yards until he managed to break free. Wounded, Jerrod fled and Sulla, joined by thirty bodyguards, charged at the remaining knights, only to be intercepted by Bhuler, riding alone.

Sulla and his men mercilessly slashed at whom they thought to be Sir Amik, mortally wounding the valet. He then noticed that Kara-Meir and the Imperial Guard cavalry were charging towards them and realised that the battle had been lost; he abandoned his troops by the wall and quickly rode away from the battlefield with his bodyguard. The apparent death of Sir Amik induced a near-suicidal frenzy in the White Knights, their squires and peons and the remaining militia, who relentlessly slaughtered the remainder of the Kinshra troops, who were trapped between them and the Imperial Guard. The dying Bhuler, protected by a circle of knights, revealed his identity to Sir Vyvin and Theodore and asked to see Kara.

Duel with Kara[edit | edit source]

I will kill you. Here, today, this is where you die.

While trying to escape, Sulla looked at his fleeing men and gave the order to retreat. However, knowing that he was the leader who had brought the Kinshra their "greatest defeat in decades," he realised he would meet a slow end at the hands of his opponents within the order if he did not secure a victory. In the mean time, Kara had gone to Bhuler, who made her promise that she would abandon her quest for vengeance and learn to forgive before succumbing to his wounds. The girl then went in pursuit of Sulla.

Soon enough, Kara and her party caught up with Sulla and his men and she declared that the rest of his army would be allowed to retreat peacefully. However, she challenged the lord himself to a duel, to which he accepted sarcastically. Immediately, he galloped towards her in an attempt to kill her, but she jumped aside and cut the leather straps of his saddle with her sword, causing Sulla to fall onto the ground. The two then engaged in a one-on-one duel as Kara blocked Sulla's sword with her shield.

Sulla and Kara battle, Falador in the background.

Declaring that he would kill her, Sulla struck again, then moved aside when Kara's shield obscured her view of him and attempted to slice open her throat with a dagger. She kicked herself away, evading the attack but falling over in the process. While she was trying to stand, her leg was struck by one of Sulla's throwing knives and she fell to one knee. The Lord of the Kinshra then swatted aside her sword and punched her in the face three times before she fell down again, after which he kicked her in the ribs and mocked her.

Kara stood up again and parried Sulla's incoming blow, aimed for her neck, after which he jumped back. One of his men provided him with another sword, which he held at odd angles while blocking Kara's attacks to avoid it breaking, but holding his ground. Realising his weakness, Kara-Meir directed a blow at him, but Sulla had counted on this and seized her arm while his sword was sliced in half, forcing her onto the ground and disarming her. Sulla removed Kara's helmet and brought his broken sword to her head, saying that he would "cut [her] pretty face first."

However, Kara quickly pulled Sulla's dagger out of her wound and thrust it into its owner's boot. He stumbled, allowing Kara to pick up her sword. She sliced upwards, severing both of Sulla's hands at the wrists. They fell to the ground and Sulla collapsed, sagging to his knees and challenging Kara to kill him. She removed his visor and stated that she would avenge her family, whom he had killed years ago. The defeated warlord said he did not remember and Kara lifted her sword to kill him. Remembering her promise to Bhuler, she struck the sword into the earth next to him instead, to which Sulla taunted her, lying that her father had offered him his wife's life in exchange for his and calling her weak.

Kara picked up Sulla's right hand and removed his signet ring, declaring to the Kinshra soldiers that they had been defeated and ordering them to leave and to take Sulla with her. They obeyed and rode away. At the foothills of Ice Mountain, a knight drew his dagger and held it to Sulla's throat, planning to kill him. As he pleaded weakly for his life, Jerrod appeared from between the trees and killed the man. As the others ran away from him, the werewolf took the dead knight's fur cloak and wrapped it around Sulla, stating that he was going to kill him until an emissary of Zamorak spoke to him in a dream, stating that the two would need each other in the future. The former Lord of the Kinshra then went to sleep while Jerrod cooked some human meat for him.

Commander Daquarius, who had peacefully left Burthorpe after learning of the Kinshra's defeat, succeeded Sulla as the Kinshra's leader. He declared that his predecessor's sybil no longer be associated with the order, in response to which several officers stuffed her into her cauldron and boiled the screaming witch alive. A high price was put on Sulla's head, with frequent parties of Kinshra knights searching for him. Over the course of the following weeks, he and Jerrod would make it to the Wilderness.

Exile in the Wilderness[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Return to Canifis.
We shall go to Varrock. It is a big enough city to hide in, and with the contents of this box we will make ourselves rich.

After hiding in the forests of Asgarnia, Sulla regained the strength to walk and he and his companion ventured into the Wilderness in order to plan their vengeance. While travelling through the dangerous lands, Sulla was entirely dependent on Jerrod, unable even to ride, eat or drink without the werewolf's help as a result of his loss of hands. Over the course of several months, his hair and beard grew very long and became home to mites and lice, while his formerly muscular body became frail and his clothes were reduced to torn, sordid rags. He also experienced phantom pains in his hands.

The two of them would remain in the Wilderness for six months in total, evading Kinshra search parties as well as Kara-Meir, Arisha and Gar'rth, who had gone in pursuit of them, not least due to Jerrod's receiving council from his master in Castle Drakan. After a few months, Sulla and Jerrod began to journey south, to Varrock, where the latter's vampyre master's plan would be fulfilled. Around summer, Sulla made an agreement with Leander, an outlaw and leader of fifteen roving Wilderness bandits. He would lead him to a hidden treasure in exchange for horses and men. While Jerrod lurked close to the bandits' camp, Sulla attempted to sleep and overheard Leander and his second-in-command Barbec discussing something and a knife being sharpened, wondering whether they had learnt of his identity.

The next day, the party travelled east to Sulla's treasure chest, which was dug up. Leander opened it then cried out in pain, to which Sulla explained that the lock contained a poisoned needle which would drive him mad within hours. The bandit leader ordered Barbec to kill Sulla, but he didn't move when the former held his sword to his throat. Instead, he explained that only he could make good use of the contents of the box, which contained Kinshra documents he had prepared that could be uses to blackmail various influential people, stating that they would have nothing if he were to be killed. Jerrod then appeared in his wolf form, spreading fear amongst the bandits, to which Sulla added their own lives would also be spared if they cooperated.

The bandits agreed and Barbec revealed they had been aware of his identity from the start, but had wanted to see the treasure first. Sulla told Leander, who was writhing on his knees in agony, that the poison, prepared by the Kinshra's sybil, only lasted a single day and explained the nature of the parchments in the box. He then kicked him in his chin, rendering him unconscious rather than killing him in order to maintain his men's loyalty. Leaving Leander to his fate, the party began to ride south, their destination a large estate east of the city, whence Sulla would send a message to his old acquaintance Straven Enroy, leader of the Phoenix Gang.

Plans for revenge[edit | edit source]

After gaining the loyalty of some bandits in the Wilderness, Sulla travelled to Varrock to blackmail certain individuals who had dealings with the Kinshra, such as the thief Straven. After Jerrod received orders to kill the wyrd, Sulla accompanied the werewolf and four mercenaries to her lair. Jerrod killed the wyrd and was banished for doing so, so Sulla hid Jerrod in Varrock and strode into the palace with the wyrd's head, where he became a hero.

Escape and betrayal[edit | edit source]

Shortly after turning up with the wyrd's head, a Kinshra agent within the palace started leaving threatening notes, and he was pressured to reveal the location of Jerrod by the Society of Owls. He led Simon into a trap, killing him and escaping in the process. After killing the Kinshra agent, Sulla fled to Port Sarim, where he tried to charter a ship to Kandarin, but was killed, his head sent back to Varrock and his body fed to Jerrod.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Predecessor Title Successor
Lord Milton Lord of the Kinshra Lord Daquarius