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A typical Kinshra soldier.

The Kinshra, often referred to as the Black Knights, are a militant Zamorakian Order founded in the early Fifth Age. They can be found mainly in their fortress on Ice Mountain, their secret base deep in the heart of the Taverley dungeon and in the Wilderness.

History[edit | edit source]

The Kinshra Order was founded in year 4 of the 5th age by Lord Sanafin Valzin, a wealthy Varrock nobleman who had hoped that their influence would one day give rise to a Kingdom grounded in Zamorakian ideals. Under his guidance, the Kinshra fought for King Raddallin alongside the White Knights during the War of Unification in order to establish the Kingdom of Asgarnia in year 8 of the Fifth Age. As thanks for their service, the King had a special sword commissioned for Valzin. For unknown reasons, this sword eventually came to rest in the earth beneath Falador park. The conflicting ideals of the Kinshra and the White Knights led to a bitter rivalry between the two Orders. This culminated in the exile of the Zamorakians from the Kingdom after the burning of the Wizards' Tower in year 70, at which point the Kinshra declared open war upon Asgarnia and denounced the legitimacy of Raddallin's rule.

The Kinshra briefly formed an alliance with the Zamorakian mage Solus Dellagar in the year 161, and together attacked the Misthalanian settlement known then colloquially as Edgeville. The reason for this attack is unknown. The White Knights responded in defence of the settlement, and shortly thereafter Dellagar betrayed his allies and began attacking all present indiscriminately. The battle went on for several days, during which time the sky reportedly raged with all manner of colourful spectres. Rumors spread through nearby towns and mistrust of mages grew. Dellagar was finally disarmed and apprehended by the White Knights, resulting in his permanent exile. After the battle had concluded, a Fremennik scouting party from nearby Gunnarsgrun arrived and confirmed an estimate of somewhere between 800 and 2400 dead- civilians, White Knights and Kinshra alike. These events would infamously come to be known as the Edgeville Incident.

By the year 162, King Vallance, the current King of Asgarnia, had fallen ill in his old age. With the King bedridden and lacking the strength to stand, the Kinshra seized the opportunity to launch a series of attacks on the Kingdom.

A subsequent series of attacks followed suit, which would thereafter be known as the War of 164. Under the command of Lord Sulla, the Kinshra attacked villages and settlements across the northern Asgarnian region, including the Edgeville Monastery and Taverley. They also launched a covert attack on Burthorpe with the help of a witch called The Sybil, with the intent of manipulating the Crown Prince Anlaf by sending disturbing dreams which told him to turn to Zamorak and aid the Kinshra in their war. Hesitant, Anlaf continued his stance of diplomatic neutrality, to the outcry of Burthorpe's people. Lord Radebaugh and several other Imperial Guards would later disobey the Prince's orders and ride to battle alongside Kara-Meir, Squire Theodore and a detachment of the Dwarven Black Guard.

The Kinshra would eventually mount their final attack upon the capital city of Falador, bolstering their forces with the aid of the Chaos Dwarves and their artillery, Wilderness Berserkers and several goblin tribes. The battle ended with a pyrrhic Asgarnian victory and the defeat of Lord Sulla, though the Kinshra were successful in securing information as to the whereabouts of the Wand of Resurrection, which they would attempt to use to their advantage in future attacks.

In the year following the War, the Kinshra would parley with representatives of Misthalin to negotiate the extradition of their former Lord Sulla in exchange for their aid in the coming war against Morytania. King Roald could not afford to decline, but could not accept without spurning his White Knight allies, who he would also depend upon in the coming conflict. Instead he sent Kara-Meir, hoping this slight would cause them to turn away unwilling to cooperate. Despite this, the Kinshra did not back down and were able to deliver a supply of Rune Essence taken from the Untainted to the Temple of Paterdomus, where it was used to re-sanctify the River Salve and definitively secure a Misthalanian victory.

Some time later, the White Knights launched their own series of attacks intending to capture various high-ranking Kinshra officers alive in a mission known as the Dawn Ascent. One such notable officer was the Knight Iban, who was said to have slain hundreds. He refused to surrender and was killed by Sir Owen Sonde with an arrow to the skull in the ensuing battle. Sir Owen was expelled from the White Knights for his dishonourable actions.

At some point after this, Lord Daquarius reevaluated the Kinshra policies on admittance and allowed women and mages to join their Order, though many of his subordinates would take great offence to this.

Recent Activities[edit | edit source]

Throughout the events of the game, the Kinshra can be observed in multiple circumstances.

Current standing[edit | edit source]

The Kinshra are one of the most feared groups of warriors throughout the Central Kingdoms not only for their fighting prowess but also for the ruthless tactics they employ, including the raiding and burning of villages, torture, chemical warfare, slavery, human sacrifice and mutilation. They have been known to implement these techniques on civilians as well as armed opponents in their campaign to conquer Asgarnia. Their methods are likely a result of their adherence to the teachings of Bishop Lungrim. Though they have seemingly proven quite effective, they also inspire a great deal of disloyalty, and the Kinshra have been known to betray one another for personal gain. The current Lord of the Kinshra, Daquarius Rennard, is a young and unconventional leader however. While his actions are typical of the Kinshra, he utilizes such tactics as he believes chaos is a necessary force of nature rather than a force of evil. According to the Temple Knights, these ideals make him a "predictable and easily manipulated enemy that is worth keeping in place" despite the White Knights still actively seeking his capture and execution for his crimes against the state.

The Kinshra maintain themselves through powerful connections. In addition to the many spies and informants in their employ, the group is currently associated with multiple other organisations, many of which also keep to the teachings of Zamorak, including the ZMI, Dark Warriors, the Phoenix Gang and Dagon'hai. They are also allies of the Mahjarrat Lucien and are known to extort members of the court of Misthalin to great effect.

Little is known of the Kinshra's internal structure, however they do not refer to themselves with titles of nobility but rather by military rank. It is likely they swear some sort of vows upon being Knighted, though the distinct nature of what these vows might be remains unknown. They do not seem to be bound by the same code of conduct as their White Knight counterparts, and their Knighthood does not appear to be a life-long commitment.

They struggle with recruitment due to poor public relations and lack of support, but they are known to have their slaves fight for them. They also are known to engage in the spread of propaganda in the interest of swaying public opinion to a more positive light.

Notable members[edit | edit source]

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Bases[edit | edit source]

The Kinshra have several well-defended bases. The Black Knights' Fortress is located near Ice Mountain and is a small establishment. It, however, contains a basement which leads to a huge underground catacomb, which is the base of operations of Dark Squall and the Elite Dark Warriors. The Black Knights' Base, located deep in Taverley Dungeon is where of the Lord of the Kinshra can currently be found. It contains a passage to the storerooms, where security is maximum. Finally, the Kinshra own a small workshop near their Fortress, where slaves do menial work. It is also securely guarded.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Kinshra use a standard military ranking system, referring to one another with titles such as "Lieutenant" or "Sergeant". Likewise, they do not use the typical "Sir" or "Lady" honorific titles as many of the other Orders around the world do.
  • In the Siege scenario of the now removed Mobilising Armies minigame, it was rumoured that the castle protected a rogue Knight who was exiled for treason against the King of Asgarnia. It is possible this may have been one of the Kinshra.
  • The Black Knights appeared as a Zamorakian unit in the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor.
  • Moia seems to wear part of the Kinshra armour on her right arm.
  • In the Postbag from the Hedge 42, Lucien says '...the Black Knights have been more politically motivated of late by their ongoing persecution at the hands of those hypocrites, the White Knights, and their masters, the Temple Knights, whose machinations will only be to your detriment.'
  • The Lord of the Kinshra is distinguished by a signet ring, which has been passed from Lord to Lord for many years.