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Legacy of Blood This article or section contains information from Legacy of Blood.
It is generally considered canon unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.

Robert is one of Sir Theodore's recruits in Varrock, along with Hamel, Darnley, Edmond and Philip. He reported that some of his companions had given chase to the wizard present during Lord Hyett's attack on the granary and was the sole survivor of the wizard's attacks. When Hamel and Captain Rovin later arrived with a squadron of men, Theodore ordered him to report to Rovin while he, Doric, Edmond, Darnley and Lord William went after the wizard.

Later that night, he was present along with the other recruits in the palace stables when Lord Mews, secretary to Aeonisig Raispher, and two other inquisitors arrived to arrest Lord William for worshipping Zamorak. The recruits threatened Mews's companions while Theodore assaulted the man himself in a successful attempt to protect William.