Lord Valzin

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Lord Sanafin Valzin was the first Lord of the Kinshra, mentioned in the book The History of the Kinshra. He was a wealthy nobleman from Varrock and a follower of Zamorak. At the dawn of the Fifth Age, he gathered together dark mages and offered help to Raddallin to establish his new kingdom. In Year 4 of the 5th Age, Lord Valzin convinced Raddallin to set up a new military order, which would become the Kinshra.

However, relationships between the Kinshra and the White Knights were weak; only once during an attack from several non-human races did they truly unite together. King Raddallin tried to keep peace between the two orders, but when the Wizard Tower was burned in year 70 and the Zamorakians were blamed, Raddallin could no longer protect the Kinshra, and they were forced to leave the city.

Lord Valzin led the Kinshra to his mansion north of Ice Mountain. There he built fortification, partly due to Raddallin secretly funding the project. Lord Valzin died in his mansion at a very old age, willing that the Kinshra be dissolved upon his death. The Kinshra vowed hereafter to claim the nation as their right.

Predecessor Title Successor
Position established Lord of the Kinshra Eventually Lord Shadwell