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This article is about the werewolf. For the gardener, see Garth.
Betrayal at Falador, Return to Canifis, and Legacy of Blood article This article or section contains information from Betrayal at Falador, Return to Canifis, and/or Legacy of Blood.
It is generally considered canon, unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.

Gar'rth is a werewolf-human hybrid featured as a central protagonist in the RuneScape novels Betrayal at Falador, Return to Canifis and Legacy of Blood. He is the son of Prince Tenebra, the human prince of Misthalin, and an unnamed werewolf, and is also the nephew of the werewolf Jerrod. He is the only known werewolf to come from human stock.

Early life[edit | edit source]

At some point in the Fifth Age, a female werewolf was sent from Canifis to Darkmeyer as a tribute. She later returned to Canifis and shortly afterwards gave birth to Gar'rth. As it was rare for somebody to return, let alone with a child, Gar'rth was treated with suspicion and ridicule, especially due to his desire to change who he was. Before his mother died, she made herself clear that she hated him. His training was left to his maternal uncle Jerrod, who taught him how to hunt and showed him the tracks of the area. In a desperate desire to escape the ritual that he would be expected to undertake and take an innocent life, he used his training and escaped over the River Salve into Misthalin and later Asgarnia. Jerrod was ordered to return him.

Jerrod, Gar'rth's uncle

War of 164[edit | edit source]

Having successfully escaped, he resorted to theft in order to survive, but took great care not to kill an innocent. He was caught by a farmer who objected to having his produce stolen, but an alchemist named Ebenezer paid for the produce and adopted Gar'rth, seeing him as the son he never had. They travelled to Taverley to seek the aid of the druids in helping Gar'rth. They divined his true nature as a werewolf and provided him with potions to stave off his savage side, though the effects weakened over time. Ebenezer planned to take his adopted son to the nearby Monastery, travelling alongside the trainee wizard Castimir.

Along the way they met up with the White Knight squire Theodore Kassel, Castimir's childhood friend, the dwarf Doric and the warrior Kara-Meir. They stopped briefly in Barbarian Village, where they were joined by the barbarian priestess Arisha. One barbarian grew jealous of the attention Gar'rth was getting, initiating a fight. During the fight Gar'rth was injured and his black blood spilled, causing Squire Theodore to draw his weapon, though he did not attempt to kill Gar'rth. The group proceeded to the monastery where the monks attempted to exorcise Zamorak's spirit from the werewolf and Kara-Meir searched their records for clues to her past. Zamorak fought back, forcing Gar'rth to transform. The exorcism was a partial success, granting Gar'rth greater control but still feeling the influence of Zamorak.

Jerrod, having spent recent days feeding off the local inhabitants, finally caught up with his wayward nephew, allying himself with the Kinshra and attacking the monastery. The monastery was partially destroyed and Gar'rth and Kara-Meir were captured. Jerrod attempted to force his nephew to slay an innocent, namely Kara-Meir, but Gar'rth resisted and attacked the Kinshra observers who got impatient. A counterattack by their allies allowed Gar'rth and Kara-Meir to escape to Falador.

In the aftermath of the Siege of Falador, Jerrod managed to escape. Gar'rth swore that he would deal with his uncle. Ebenezer, having found himself a rich man, named Gar'rth as one of his heirs. He attempted to hunt down his uncle in the Wilderness alongside Kara-Meir and Arisha but failed to find him.

Return to Canifis[edit | edit source]

The trio returned to Misthalin having been unsuccessful in locating either Jerrod or Lord Sulla, the Kinshra leader that Kara-Meir had spared. When they arrived in Varrock, they were surprised to hear that Kara-Meir had already arrived, stayed at the Dancing Donkey Inn and absconded with gold intended for the city's poor. They tracked down the impostor to a nearby barn, where they were being held prisoner. Kara-Meir slipped inside while Gar'rth barricaded the door from outside and proceeded to kill the majority of the bandits, letting Owen be killed by friendly fire and taking Velko prisoner. Once the place was cleared out, she took Pia and her brother Jack into her custody, pocketing several wolfsbane daggers, unaware of the effect they would have on Gar'rth.

As they returned to the city, Gar'rth took ill, much to the surprise of Kara-Meir and Arisha, as he'd otherwise been very healthy. The werewolf went on ahead with the prisoner. During the Midsummer Festival celebrations, they met up with their friends and various nobles. One of them stole a wolfsbane dagger from Kara-Meir, which Gar'rth found out about. He believed that she had concealed it as she did not trust him, causing him to get upset and wrestle against Sir Frey, winning with ease. While his friends confronted him about it, he heard the arrival of the wyrd, a mysterious creature that had been kidnapping children. He rushed to the child's aid, but in doing so was forced to reveal his werewolf side. He was promptly arrested and imprisoned, being badly mistreated by Simon, a member of the Society of Owls.

During his trial, Kara-Meir attempted to convince King Roald that Gar'rth was not like others of his kind, including resorting to lying about being his lover. King Roald decided to make use of the situation, forcing Gar'rth to act as part of an emissary to Morytania, to demand the return of several kidnapped children. Kara-Meir, Sir Theodore, Castimir, Arisha and Doric all joined the embassy as well, being joined by Albertus Black, acting as a stand in for the sickly Ebenezer, Lord Despaard, the leader of the Society of Owls, and Gideon Gleeman, Varrock's court jester. They were escorted by members of the Society to the estate of Lord Ruthven, where Arisha poisoned several horses in order to give Gar'rth and Kara-Meir the opportunity to escape, though they declined to take this opportunity and proceeded to Paterdomus, albeit with a reduced guard.

At the temple, the werewolf taught the monks about the Blood Mark, a mark guaranteed to grant safe passage if applied correctly. Each of the Emissary were given the mark and entered Morytania, where they were immediately met by a group of werewolves led by Imre. They led the emissary to the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis. During this time the werewolves made themselves clear that they had no love for the group, especially as a pair of brothers had been executed as punishment for Gar'rth's escape. Roavar, their host, showed Gar'rth, Kara-Meir, Castimir and Sir Theodore the vast wealth collected by the werewolves from travellers. During this, a group of Myreque members set fire to Canifis in an attempt to rescue their comrade Vanstrom Klause. In the confusion, a female werewolf attempted to put out the fire but was mistaken as an aggressor, causing Kara-Meir to slay her and rendering the Blood Mark void. They hid in a cage and fought off the werewolves until a vampyric escort arrived, taking them to Darkmeyer.

Gar'rth was separated from his friends and placed in his own room. The werewolf servant Georgi greeted Gar'rth, explaining that he had been a friend of his mother's, and escorted the young werewolf to The Black Prince, Tenebra. Tenebra explained that he was Gar'rth's father and offered safe passage to his friends out of the castle as long as Gar'rth remained behind. Gar'rth gave each of his friends some treasure and bade them farewell.

Legacy of Blood[edit | edit source]

Gar'rth is trained by his father in the uses of magic and ruling, such as being able to spy on people. He makes frequent assassination attempts on his father, all of which fail abysmally. He also attempts to save the humans in Meiyerditch, though fails due to Vanescula Drakan seeing his attempts and thwarting them. After a failed attempt to save some members of the Myreque alongside Vanstrom Klause, Gar'rth temporarily joins the Myreque and attempts to recover the sunspear, a legendary dagger capable of destroying vampyres. They are successful, but Gar'rth is forced to leave Tam to die, which haunts him. After the Myreque are captured and taken before Tenebra, Gar'rth makes one last attempt to kill his father with the dagger. This fails, and he is imprisoned with a little girl so that he will kill her for food and give himself to Zamorak. Although he does kill the girl, he still resists Zamorak, and joins his father in the final battle of the war, where he switches to the Misthalin side at the last minute and stabs his father with the sunspear, leaving Kara-Meir to finish him off.

Aftermath of Legacy of Blood[edit | edit source]

Gar'rth was spared by Roald III for helping Misthalin win the war. Rather than fulfilling his promise to allow Gar'rth to live at Lord Ruthven's estate, the king had him banished instead to prevent the werewolf from being a figurehead for his political enemies to rally behind. Gar'rth decided to go to Kandarin instead, joined by Kara-Meir, Theodore and Castimir. He was also greatly upset when he learnt of Ebenezer's death.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Gar'rth has great physical strength as shown when he pushes open the heavy, wooden doors of the Gunnarsgrunn longhall without gathering his strength, a feat even an adult barbarian cannot do, when he defeats a jealous barbarian who was being humiliated by Gar'rth and wanted to ensure the marriage of a woman he fancied, and when he beats a Varrockian noble in an arm wrestling match.
  • Gar'rth happens to be a great hunter as he's able to catch a couple of rabbits for his friends while they are starving. He can also track people if their scent is fresh enough.
  • Early in Betrayal at Falador, Gar'rth has trouble mastering the linguistics, mastering short phrases such as, "Thank you" and "Food" due to his immaturity as a werewolf. However, after the Siege of Falador, Gar'rth seems to be learning common language better. During Return to Canifis, he has mastered the common tongue almost completely and can read and write with some aid.

Family[edit | edit source]

Roald I
Roald II
Roald III