Blood Mark

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Return to Canifis.png This article or section contains information from Return to Canifis.
It is generally considered canon unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.

The Blood Mark is an ancient technique administered to protect travellers visiting Morytania. The method of creating a blood mark is relatively simple, the person requesting safe passage must make a small cut on their hand, marking them as a stranger to Morytania, and stating their intent of passage. This cut must then be washed in the waters of the River Salve and blessed by a priest of Saradomin.

The blood mark is an ancient ritual, primary used by gypsies travelling and trading through the lands of Morytania to ensure their safety, although it was used during the Return to Canifis novel by the Embassy of Misthalin. The first of the embassy to be administered the blood mark was Kara-Meir.

The mark is proven to be effective, and will protect the user from harm, so long as they do not break the terms of their asylum. This usually means so long as the user intends to pass through Morytania with peaceful intent, and does not strike out against its residents without provocation, the mark will be respected. The mark is flawed however, it does not physically protect the user from harm, and is primarily only respected by the higher, sentient beings of Morytania such as werewolves and non-feral vampyres, whereas other creatures such as ghouls, ravenous vampyres or ghasts will ignore it. The punishment for a resident of Morytania disrespecting the mark is usually death.