Wyrd (Return to Canifis)

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Return to Canifis.png This article or section contains information from Return to Canifis.
It is generally considered canon unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.

The Wyrd is a creature encountered in the Return to Canifis novel. It has features similar to a Vyrewatch, but is far more animalistic, with large wings, bat like facial features, and long poisonous talons. The wyrd's poison is extremely potent, able to kill a man within minutes causing black scabs to appear on the wound. After death, the victims of its poison remain undecomposed for weeks on end, but the wyrd's poison is still transferable to a living being if the victim's black scars are touched. Later the victims are resurrected as zombies to attack Varrock Palace from within. It is unknown if the Wyrd's poison causes zombification or if The Black Prince caused it through necromancy. The Wyrd was originally Lord Ruthven's daughter, but after being given to the Gaunt Herald by Lord Ruthven to save his wife, The Black Prince transformed her into a monster.

It was sent across the River Salve by The Black Prince to find a way to weaken the holy barrier, stealing infants with birthmarks above their hearts (the infants in question happen to be the descendants of the seven priestly warriors that fought against Lord Drakan). Since the wyrd was originally not a creature of Morytania, it was able to cross the River Salve. King Roald entrusted the Society of Owls led by Lord Despaard to apprehend the creature, but after they failed, he sent an embassy to Morytania to make contact with Lord Drakan to withdraw to the creature.

During the embassy's time away, Vanescula Drakan contacts the Werewolf Jerrod, telling him that the Wyrd resides in the Lumberyard north east of Varrock. Armed with this information, Sulla leads a group of four mercenaries recommended to him by Straven, the leader of the Phoenix Gang. During the fight, the creature converts one of the mercenaries known as "Behemoth" into a undead trance under her command. After the creature is dead, Sulla presents her head to King Roald, seeking asylum for his service to the throne.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Wyrd" is Old English for "fate".
  • In River of Blood, it is revealed that wyrds are vampyrised icyene or part-icyene. Thus, either Lord Ruthven or his wife must have been fully or partly of icyene heritage.