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The Edgeville incident was a military conflict that occurred in the Ghost Town in Year 161 of the Fifth Age,[1] notable for the high civilian death count. Over 2000 trained soldiers from the Kinshra, White Knights and Temple Knights attempted to take down the wizard Solus Dellagar, who gained the moniker "Murder Mage" after the conflict. The event is referenced heavily in the commorb dossiers during and after the Wanted! quest, and Sir Owen mentions that he was present when talked to in Varrock Palace.

Shortly before the battle, the Kinshra began an unknown operation in Edgeville, then called Ghost Town, in north-western Misthalin. Lord Shadwell, the Lord of the Kinshra at the time, was working with Dellagar, who had previously assisted Lucien in a failed undead assault on Varrock almost a decade before. For unknown reasons, Dellagar abandoned his alliance with the Kinshra and began slaughtering the town civilians and Kinshra with Ancient Magicks. The battle continued for several days, with over 800 civilians killed by Dellagar.

Solus Dellagar, the Murder Mage.

Asgarnia sent White Knights and Temple Knights as reinforcements to help end the attack. Their combined forces managed to subdue the mage, but he was able to kill nearly 800 White Knights and Kinshra each before he was stopped. In total, an estimated 2,400 lives were lost, including Lord Shadwell. Lord Milton became the leader of the Kinshra shortly afterwards.

In the aftermath of the battle, word quickly spread around the continent and distrust of wizards increased significantly as people began to fear what a capable magician could do. The Ghost Town itself became all but deserted, suffering heavy damage in the attack. King Roald appointed a governor to take care of the town, but he failed to do so as it became a hub for criminals and outlaws from the Wilderness.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the barbarian priestess Arisha, the battle was visible from Gunnarsgrunn due to the many colourful spells it saw. Some of the village's inhabitants thought a dragon had launched an attack on the town, while others feared the End of Things had begun.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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