Knight Order Alliance of 169

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The knights, ready to take on the worst.

The Knight Order Alliance of 169 is formed during the quest The Void Stares Back. The founding of it was a very controversial decision. Four orders of knights agree to temporarily work together in order to bring down the evil Wizard Grayzag, who had betrayed and/or attacked all of the orders.

The Orders[edit | edit source]

Korasi chathead.png
  • Void Knights - The founding group of the alliance was the void knights, followers of Guthix, who are assigned to protect Gielinor from incoming pest attacks. During the events of Quiet Before the Swarm, it is discovered that a pest (a void leech) has escaped from the island. The researcher for the knights, Jessika, has in fact smuggled it off for "Professor Melville" to research it, but it turns out that he is in fact Grayzag who then still pretends to work for the Kinshra, who want to conquer Falador using the Leech's goo. A disguised Grayzag and several pests have also attacked a void knight ship and killed everyone but Korasi. One of the casualties included Commodore Matthias, leader of the Knights. It is for all these crimes that the normally secluded knights agreed to join the other orders.
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  • The Kinshra (Black Knights) - Probably the most notable order to join the alliance are the Kinshra; overall hostile to non-Zamorakians and sworn enemies of the White and Temple Knights. At first they seemingly hired Grayzag to get his hands on a void leech so that they could produce the goo in their underground workshop, but the attempt at conquest failed and Grayzag betrayed the knights by opening a portal to The Void and summoning the Pest Queen, leaving the Kinshra feeling used and betrayed. Therefore they join the alliance to get revenge, despite their nemeses also being in it.
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  • Temple Knights -The Temple Knights; along with the allied White Knights, saw Grayzag as a very powerful, dangerous threat, and so, attempted to help stop Grayzag's operations. Even though they heavily disagree with the Kinshra, they shared a common enemy, and worked together to try to stop Grayzag.
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  • White Knights -The White Knights; although they disagreed with the Kinshra, their home city of Falador had been one of the places affected by the void leech, and so they followed the Temple Knights, and went to help stop Grayzag.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After Grayzag and the pests have been defeated, the player can choose whether he should be executed by the Void Knights, tortured by the Kinshra, interrogated by the Temple Knights or simply imprisoned in the White Knights' Castle by the order of the same name. With this decision, the chosen order takes its prisoner and the alliance ends.