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King Vallance is the current official ruler of the Kingdom of Asgarnia and the father of Crown Prince Anlaf and great uncle of Princess Miazrqa.

History[edit | edit source]

After the death of his forebearer, Vallance inherited the Kingdom and the great political tensions which came along with it. The White Knights still defended Asgarnia and the Kinshra had declared war after their exile. Unfortunately, the King eventually grew old and ill and was no longer able to manage the day to day dealings of his realm. The White Knights were quick to fill the power vacuum before instability could threaten. From this point on their leader, Sir Amik Varze, would serve as Lord Regent of Asgarnia, overseeing Kingdom in Vallance's stead. In year 163, he declared that the Black Knights were no longer to have any power in Asgarnia.

The Kinshra seized this opportunity to launch a series of attacks on the Kingdom, setting off the event which would eventually be known as the War of 164.

Today, if the player speaks with Sir Vyvin at Falador Castle, he claims that the White Knights are helping Vallance rule because he is getting "old and tired".

If the player talks to Commander Denulth in Burthorpe after completing Troll Stronghold, he will tell the player that the White Knights are taking advantage of the King, who he describes as "old and weak". Display case 33 of the Varrock Museum, states that 'The old king of Asgarnia, King Vallance, falls very ill. The White Knights took advantage of this and began to take control of Falador and Asgarnia for themselves'.

Sir Vey Lance of the Temple Knights, secretly a Chthonian demon named Veilinius, implies that he may have had a hand in the King's disappearance.[1]

Family[edit | edit source]

King Raddallin
King Vallance
Nora T. Hagg
Prince Anlaf

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He and his son, Prince Anlaf, are the few unseen rulers in game. King Tyras was an unseen ruler before his death. The Emir of Al Kharid and the Pharaoh used to be unseen rulers as well until the massive Al Kharid rework and the release of Menaphos respectively.
  • In the year 164 during the Siege of Falador, Sir Amik Varze said "King Vallance himself has refused to flee - even though he lacks the strength to stand, he hopes his example will inspire others. Notably his son."[2]
  • Some of the men and women in Port Sarim state they are not satisfied with Vallance's rule, and state they want a new King.
  • Vallance is one of two Kings in-game who is known to employ the use of a Lord Regent, the other being King Vargas.

References[edit | edit source]

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